Grass from parasites in the body

The herbs from the parasite in the body is a unique tool with which to contend not only with worms.

It has the goals a number of additional functions. It is a powerful antioxidants that normalize the biochemical composition of the blood and blood pressure.

herbs against parasites

Herbs for cleansing the body

Today, with the help of herbal medicine you can easily deduce the helminths from the human body. Folk healer knows many recipes for natural remedies against parasites.

Many doubt creeps in, as herbs are able to cope with worms, the length of which in some cases may reach even several meters. Their pharmacological action is different from, but it is not less effective.

The main advantages of medicinal herbs against parasites include:

  • Stimulation of intestinal peristalsis.
  • Prevention of difficult defecation.
  • Stabilization of blood pressure.
  • Increased activity of metabolic processes.
  • Sedative effect on the nervous system.
  • Antiseptic effect on inflamed areas.

In most cases, anti-parasitic broth have a pronounced bitter taste and a pungent aroma. They can be accepted as a mono medicine, or as part of any therapeutic mixtures, where each component reinforces each other. The taste of the plants will tell you their main effects:

  • Burning: the capsicum Cayenne, garlic, ginger, cloves. Help raise the temperature inside the body, which creates unfavorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of helminths and their larvae.
  • Bitter: wormwood. Helps to eliminate excess moisture that leads to the destruction of pathogens and provokes paralysis of the worms. As a result, the separating worms from shells and excreted naturally.
  • Acid: rhubarb, sorrel, fruits and berries sour varieties. A large part of the parasitic worms may conduct its activity in an acidic environment.

Before using the herbs you need to know which herbs will be most effective.

Herbal formulas

Herbal formulas, regardless of the composition applied in the therapy of worms, depending on its etiology and therapeutic properties:

  • With chamomile, lemon balm soothes the nervous system and stabilizes sleep, eliminates severe headaches.
  • Which include wormwood, tansy and cloves stimulates the formation of bile, which contributes to an instantaneous purification.
  • Herbal formulas, the main component of which are birch buds. Has an antiseptic effect and restores the natural intestinal flora.

Each species at various stages of the helminth infection shows its maximum therapeutic effect. For example, the initial stage of helminths, which are parasitic worms do not have time to affect the entire body and requires immediate natural cleansing.

In this case, the rational reception of tincture of wormwood. The chronic form of infestation is treatable by decoction on the basis of birch buds. This therapy helps to restore much of the shell internal organs, which is covered with microcracks.

They are formed as a result of the activity of worms, and that's when they migrate from the intestine to other internal organs.

Forming a collection of herbs against parasites are considered its main functions:

  • Medicinal chamomile – has antiseptic and soothing effect.
  • Peppermint – boosts and stabilizes emotional state.
  • Melissa – improves the quality of sleep, prevents the development of pathologies of organs of the cardiovascular system and cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels.
  • Yarrow is an effective natural antiseptic which additionally is characterized by a strong analgesic, astringent and anti-inflammatory action. Ideal for the treatment of bleeding in the intestines, which resulted from active life of worms.
  • Bitter wormwood. Simulates the flow of bile, anti-inflammatory effect and rids the body of toxic substances as a result of vital activity and disintegration of worms.
recipes with herbs

Each of these herbs has many medicinal properties.

One of the most effective fit charges against worms is the following composition:

  • Dry tansy 3 grams.
  • Mistletoe, pharmacy chamomile, agrimony, centaury, dandelion for every 2 grams.
  • Knotweed, peppermint, eucalyptus, wormwood, elecampane, buckthorn bark, Valerian 1 gram each.

For the preparation of all the raw material is milled and mixed with purified water at a ratio of 50 grams means half a liter of water. To insist 30 minutes, strain and take on 0, 1, l twice a day after meals. The course of treatment is three weeks.

Caraway, tansy and centaury in equal amounts, chop and stir. 15 grams of prepared raw pour boiling water, leave for a couple of hours. To take during the day while eating every 4 hours in 25 ml. the Course of treatment is 21 days.

The leaves and flowers of wormwood, inflorescences dried cloves, flax seed each take a teaspoon and crushed. Taken once a day, 1 tsp with juice or tea.

Medication with pumpkin seeds. Add pumpkin seeds, rubbing alcohol or vodka to the herbs greatly enhance their therapeutic effect. Seeds cleanse the intestines, improves peristalsis, prevents the development of the castle. Alcohol-containing agents have on the muscles of worms paralyzing effect that contributes to their departure from the walls of the internal organs, thereby providing for smooth excretion from the body.

The method of preparation of tincture: 1/3 pumpkin seeds and 2/of dry sage to grind and pour vodka. To insist in a dark place for 1 – 1.5 weeks. Taken once a day for 50 ml for half an hour before meals.

Birch buds and leaves in dry form are taken in the amount of 15 grams pour 0.2 l of boiling water for 15 minutes boil on a slow fire. Poured with 0.25 l of boiling water and taken. Allowed to use in Pediatrics.

Phyto fees are characterized by a wide spectrum of action. They not only promote the excretion of worms, purify and strengthen the body, improve the condition of blood vessels. But despite many positive properties, before the application of the tools recommended to get medical advice. This is due to the fact that the majority of natural herbal remedies have a number of contraindications and side effects.

Remedies for children

Often in the treatment of helminthic infestations in Pediatrics, used vegetable crops that have a more gentle effect on the body. But their therapeutic effect is strong enough, and allows you to deliver the baby at any age from invading worms.

Most children suffering from parasites. Typical symptoms of this disease manifests itself in the form of itching in the area of the anus. To eliminate this problem by eating pumpkin seeds. But doctors are recommended to use pumpkin seed oil purchased at a pharmacy.

The most effective way to use this product, which helps to expel from the child's body ascarids are:

  • Bow. Small onion pour 0.25 l of hot water. Infused means 12 hours and filtered and used cold in the morning on an empty stomach 0,5 Cup for 3 days.
  • Bitter wormwood. 50 grams of dry herbs is poured into 500 ml of boiling water for 8 – 10 hours infused. After filtration, applied three times a day 25 ml half an hour before the main meal.
  • Garlic. 1 large head of vegetables should be boiled in 250 ml milk. Ready broth is used in the enema. The duration of treatment is 7 days with daily manipulation before bedtime.
herbal formulas against parasites

Herbs against worms broad-spectrum

Thorough cleaning of harmful microorganisms is possible with the use of natural products based on herbs.

These are:

  • The marshmallow root. Has high activity against most species of helminths. Effectively kills the worms that live in the digestive tract, respiratory and nervous systems. To use the tincture and the powder.
  • Inflorescences cloves. It has disinfectant properties. Their use contribute to the destruction of round and flat worms that are found in various organs. This spice used in the preparation of folk remedies with anthelmintic effects. It also enhances the therapeutic effect of the application of other anthelmintic plants.
  • The calendula flowers. Used for purification of all kinds of worms. Used as herbal decoction and added to food.
  • Stinging nettle. Effective in the treatment of worm infestation by parasites that live in the intestines and lungs.
  • Turmeric. Is a powerful tool against parasites. Used as a tincture and as spices.
  • The camomile. It has antiseptic properties. Tools based on it allow you to quickly purify the body and restore the functionality of all its systems.
  • Sorrel. Used as an ingredient in most folk remedies against parasites. Also it is used fresh and for the basis of preparing decoctions for oral administration and the preparation of solutions for enema.
  • Cinnamon sticks. This spice effectively treats parasitic microorganisms. It is used for seasoning food. The main feature of it is that during prolonged heat treatment, cinnamon retains anti-parasitic properties.
  • Flowers of tansy. This plant is used for removing all forms of parasitic microorganisms. Inflorescence is used for making infusions for oral administration and enemas. This herb contains in its composition of poisons, and therefore the observation of dosage is necessary.
  • Dope. This tool is used very rarely, as it contains many toxic substances. This feature allows you to quickly expel all parasitic worms.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of the herb can be taken as a special phyto fees are accepted either in parallel several types. Fees typically include cloves, tansy, thyme, garlic and pepper. Each plant characteristic of potent anti-parasitic effects, but in Assembly they enhance the healing properties of each other.

Phyto fee to remove pinworms and ascarids contributes to the rapid Erasure of the parasites that are among the most popular subspecies of parasitic worms.

Herbal formulas against parasites

  • Eucalyptus globulus, thyme, herb St. John's wort, tansy, elecampane, centaury agrimony ordinary and mixed at 30 grams each.
  • Inflorescence oregano, juniper berries, bark of weeping willow, roots medicinal dandelion in the ratio 1:1.
  • The same amounts connected pharmacy chamomile, knotweed, Valerian root, hop cones, carrot seed, immortelle.

Method of cooking: 75 grams of chopped grass collection pour 1, 5 cups of cold water and boiled for 5 – 7 minutes. Infused for one hour, filtered and mixed with 25 ml of honey. Taken 3 times a day for 4 tablespoons after a meal. The duration of the course 1.5 – 2 weeks. For a full cleanup takes place.

  • The recipe №1 the Russian triad. This tool is particularly effective in the treatment of a helminth infection. It has high activity against many species of worms. The drug helps kill adult fleas and their larvae.

For preparation of means it is necessary to take 1 g of tansy, wormwood, 0.3 g, 0.5 g clove buds Is targeted at one time. Herbs are ground to a fine powder, which is taken half an hour before meals with water.

So it was more convenient to take it is Packed in empty gelatin capsules, which are sold in the pharmacy.

antiparasitic herbs

Application diagram: 1 day dose, 2-day two doses. All of the following days applies triple dose. After the passage of the therapeutic course this drug is given once a day for 7 days in the amount of 3 doses per year. This is a preventive measure.

  • 2 method of preparation triad has a more gentle action, but its effectiveness is not reduced. The collection consists of non-toxic plants. A single dose is characterized by the presence of caraway seeds 0.5 g of calendula flowers, 1 g of rhizome 0.5 g Ingredients rubbed to powder, which is applied for half an hour before the main meal.

Regimen: 1 - dose day 1, 2nd day 2 doses, 3 to 14 day for 3 doses. As preventive measures, remedy is taken once with a period of 7 days with 3 doses. Prophylaxis is carried out during the year.

When worm infestation in the first place is necessary for a complete laboratory examination and consult with your doctor. Only based on the findings of assigned therapy against parasites, which consists of intake of drugs and traditional medicine. The herbs promotes the rapid elimination of the worms and restores overall health.