Parasites — Some parasites live in the human body

Modern people live in a very fast pace. Successful businessmen usually head to go into work while receiving benefits in the form of income. However, to engage in such investment in the future as their health, very few people come to mind from an early age. That is why the elderly often people are surprised to learn that the body have accumulated a decent amount already neglected diseases.

parasites in the human body

Currently, many studies proved the fact that cause a huge number of diseases may be the presence of parasites in the human body.

What parasites can cause their activities to the destruction of the tissues of internal organs, feeding off the nutrients of the person, thereby causing the protective response of the immune and nervous systems of the body.

So a regular parasite that got into the human body, can cause diseases of virtually any organ. This fact makes it difficult to diagnose the presence of parasites in the human body existing of a large number of symptoms.

Meanwhile, people continue to live and not know what parasites that live inside his body, sometimes ignoring plenty of bright symptoms.

Classification of parasites

As you know, to fight the enemy we must know him in the face. That is why we will understand that parasites exist and how they klassificeret. It is worth noting that we present below only the most well-known classification, as to list all of them, what are will be problematic.

There are many classifications of parasites. How many species of parasitic organisms – this question still gave no exact answer.

Still the views of researchers differ greatly. Only species of helminths, the largest group of parasites that are several hundred.

For a start, parasites can be classified, so to speak, at their place of residence, namely in those where it live in the body of uninvited guests. Yes, there are microorganisms that parasitize exclusively by the human body, and there are those who live equally well both by the body of Pets, and by the human body.

Also be divided by the parasites, where a parasite lives at his master.

Ectoparasite – an organism that lives on the surface of the human body or on the skin, i.e. the skin. Endo-parasites are those microorganisms that prefer to live inside the human body.

There is also a classification of parasites according to the classes. How many and what parasites they are — we give below.

A class of protozoa (protozoa) microorganisms includes leishmania, Giardia, Toxo-plasma, trich etc.

To the class of helminths (worms) include roundworm, pinworm, Schistosoma, Trichinella, etc.

To a class of ectoparasites that live exclusively on the surface of the body, are lice, the scabies parasite mites acne.

The largest class of parasites – helminths

How many varieties of worms exist in nature?

According to some researchers the class has about 300 species. Rightfully this class of parasites is the most diverse.

Worms, in addition to the usual classification by class is also divided into three groups according to structure and mean. Some researchers also propose to classify worms and even those which directly cause the symptoms of the activities of the intruders in the human body.

Trematodes called type worms, the surface of which is smooth. Their feature is the type of absorption of nutrients, hence the name – flukes. The size of these worms varies from 1 mm to 10 cm.

Nematodes have a spherical shape. Additionally, the body of the worms of this species are oblong in the form of a wire slit. Nematodes can be both small and large, the length of which reaches 10 meters. To this species are ascarids and pinworms.

In addition, worms are divided also by types of pathological effects on the internal organs of a person into 4 groups: nematodes, annelid worms, flat worms and skrebni.

Each of these views has its own symptoms and causes a certain set of diseases.

Take a closer look

In order to assess the extent of the impact of the parasite on man which he lives should give some detailed descriptions of some of them.


Beef tapeworm – a bright representative of helminths. Length of the adult parasite, which lives in the human body can reach 10 meters. Can live in man these parasites for about 20 years. This worm can get to the person in the use of raw or poorly cooked meat. The worm lives in the human gut, mainly in small.

The peculiarity of this type of tapeworm is that each cell in the tapeworm has its own reproductive system, what makes this parasite to multiply rapidly. Eggs and larvae of the bovine tapeworm is capable of penetrating into all human organs and the eyes and brain.

Pork tapeworm does not attain such a size as the bull, its length does not exceed 4 metres. However, to live, parasitizing at the expense of his master, he can not less. Be ingested pork tapeworm may also while consuming the fat veined and raw meat.

Pork tapeworm, once in the stomach in the form of eggs of the parasite hatch, and in the form of larvae through the tissue of the stomach into the blood. blood larvae fall into any human organ.

And it is not rare pork tapeworm selects the quality of the environment of the brain that a person faces frequent attacks of headache, nausea, vomiting, and hallucinations.

Echinococcus and alveolar the form of the parasite, which reaches a very large size, but the life of them varies from 5 to 15 years. In the body you can bring this form of the parasite by drinking hot water, unwashed fruit, vegetables and fruits, as well as through contact with infected Pets.

The distinctive feature of these parasites is that at the stage of larva which lives in the intestine with blood, they are able to get again in any of the human body. There the larvae feeding on nutrients, grows into a cyst, which, in turn, in the course of its growth is able to exert strong pressure on the internal organs, pushing them and squeezing.

Ancylostoma reaches the size does not exceed 10 cm, However, this species of roundworms is one of the most common of all known parasites. To live in the body of this parasite may be from 5 to 15 years.


These worms enter the body again with unwashed hands after contact with Pets and contact with infected. Larvae can also enter the body through the skin, causing itching and burning. There are two types of hookworm: head duodenum and necator.

Head after being hit in the body stays in the intestine. It is able to form in the course of his life, the ulcer in the tissue of the body is the size of 2 cm than to cause blood loss and as a consequence anemia. Necator, once in the blood, goes to the heart or lungs.


As you can see, parasites in the human body can so deftly, that is capable of hitting any internal organs. In human blood they are posted in the form of eggs or larvae in the most remote from the intestinal organs. Settling in any part of the body, they are also able to move and in the Mature period.

Thus, we can safely state that violate the whole body of human parasites are capable of hitting vital tissue of the body.

The symptoms of infection

The symptoms by which one can judge about the presence in the human body of parasites exist in a huge variety. Due to the fact that the parasites are capable in the body to disrupt the functioning of any internal organ, the signal body can give the most diverse.

Accordingly, if the worm get into the brain, the human body will produce symptoms that will serve as a signal of danger.

Among the most common symptoms of various bowel disorders (including diarrhea, constipation, bloating and flatulence), anemia, joint and muscle pain, allergic reactions, excess weight, or conversely the lack of it, bruxism (gnashing of the teeth during sleep), sleep disorders, respiratory diseases, cancer, frequent headaches, nausea and vomiting.

In addition, there are symptoms that we often take for normal fatigue of the body and severe fatigue. These include the syndrome of constant fatigue, lethargy and a weak immune system.

However, such diseases are often caused by the active work of the parasites in the human body, which, absorbing most of the nutrients from the cells of the body, can not leave a person for the normal functioning of the body.


Options diagnostics:

  • the stool (should be repeated at least 3 times, while there is a certain period of time in which it is better to take analysis)
  • Ultrasound of internal organs,
  • serological methods of research,
  • enzyme immunoassay (ELISA tests),
  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA),
  • PCR-based diagnostics capable to determine the presence of parasites in humans based on the study of DNA.

How to treat and display

It is worth noting that in the Internet there are a huge number of recipes of removing parasites from the body. However, it is worth to trust the treatment professionals and do not rely on the presence of several of the symptoms listed above.

To deal with this kind of disease along with the rest of them should be under the close supervision of a physician. This treatment can be assigned only after the confirmation of the presence in the human body of certain parasites of any kind of research and analysis.

Traditional medicine

Every year in proportion to the spread of the disease on drugstore shelves appear more and more new drugs that can protect humans from parasites.

Meanwhile, besides a huge number of medicines, in the nation there are many folk remedies treatment.

The main ingredients in remedies against parasites traditional medicine uses mugwort, yarrow and tansy.


Prophylactic infestation:

  1. compliance with basic rules of hygiene,
  2. washing hands every time after street and before each meal,
  3. use only boiled water
  4. exception of snacking while walking on the street,
  5. frequent wet cleaning of the apartment
  6. eat only thoroughly washed berries, vegetables and fruit, scalded with boiling water,
  7. admit to eating only well cooked meats,
  8. exclusion of contacts with homeless animals,
  9. exclusion of contacts children with Pets infected with parasites
  10. mandatory prevention of parasitic diseases among all family members in the presence of Pets at least 2 times a year.


Meanwhile, in addition to treatment in the classical way using medicines and folk remedies eliminate the parasites with herbs, the perfect way to make the life of parasites is a strict diet in conjunction with brushing.

This method can be easily explained by the fact that in the absence of food in the body the parasite is also becoming nothing to eat. The lack of food gradually is able to kill the parasite. However leave it inside the body and not worth it.

If the parasite dies inside the person, he is able in the digestion body to make it poisonous substances. That is why you need this kind of treatment to combine with the cleaning.

The enemies of parasites

Parasites, although living at the expense of nutrients of a person, are kind and your taste. So eating foods which encourage their reproduction. Accordingly, there are those products that contribute to their reduction.

treatment of parasites

Let's start with the first, they are all those foods which parasites can enter the human body. Here we are talking about fat, cheese, meat, fish and eggs.

But fortunately, there are those products that worms don't like. They are all orange and green vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs. So a good prevention of parasites will be eating orange bell peppers, pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes, red apples and Mandarin.