Effective drugs against parasites: methods of treatment

In the human body parasites live since ancient times, here they find ideal conditions for their existence, taking the body of the nutrients and drugging him waste his life. This neighborhood is not lost on people from parasitic infestations develop inflammation in damaged organs, blooms allergies, reduced immunity. Unfortunately, this topic is not familiar to the population, don't give her enough attention, and General practitioners. People can be treated from various diseases, not suspecting the presence in the body of "illegals". To get rid of them today can be fast enough with the help of modern effective drugs against parasites, the main thing correctly to select with the help of a specialist you need medicines. How to do it – try to understand.

means parasites

About the problem

There are more than three hundred types of parasites that can live not only in the intestine, but other parts of the human body, bringing the body great harm.

A characteristic feature of all types of worms is their ability to disguise, to issue due to their concerns for other pathology, to mislead the immune system, rebuilding his work on allergies to the detriment of the suppression of tumor growth and infections.

It was shown that prolonged parasitic infestation contributes to the development of such serious diseases as chronic fatigue, severe anemia, asthma, liver cirrhosis, cancer.

What types of parasites are found in humans, most often:

  1. Round worms – class of nematodes is the most common and diverse in the world of parasites. Representatives of this class can be of different sizes and are not only in the human body. For people typical parasites are intestinal worms, pinworms, roundworm, Trichinella, vlasoglavy.
  2. Tapeworms – cestodes represented bio-helminth with obligatory development stage in the body of animals (additional home). These worms are a special, eat whole surface of the body, often live in the small intestine, but can affect other organs. This includes all types of tapeworm, broad tapeworm.
  3. Flat worms class Trematoda (flukes) are represented by absolute parasites to humans, which are obligatory suckers for attaching to internal organs, reach a length of five feet. This is the liver Fluke Siberian, shistosoma.

About drugs

Modern means of parasites in the human body work differently, but with one goal – to destroy "illegal". This is achieved through the following mechanisms of action in worms:

  • suppression of the processes of glucose utilization, inhibition of ATP synthesis, the termination of the energy input into the cells of parasites;
  • obstacle to the formation of the protein tubulin necessary for cell division and maintain their shape;
  • disruption of the functioning of the alimentary canal of worms;
  • blocking the neuro-muscular impulses, which causes paralysis of worms and to the inability of their attachment to the internal organs of the host;
  • destruction of the protective capsule of worms and their digestion by digestive enzymes of man.

What requirements must meet the pills against parasites:

  • a wide range of influences on all types of worms and protozoa;
  • the simultaneous destruction of various stages of development of the worms, larvae and Mature individuals;
  • the resistance to aggressive action of enzymes produced by the parasites;
  • maximum safety for the human body;
  • the possibility of using to treat family members of all ages.

To meet these requirements, many modern medications against parasites in the human body. Clinicians ' preference for versatile synthetic tool. There are herbal preparations that are more mild effect, no side effects, and a wide range of applications. These funds can be used for a long time, the usual course lasts about a month, they are more suitable to prevent or enhance the effect of primary therapy.

Principles of treatment

According to who recommendations prophylactic synthetic drugs against parasites for humans are not applicable due to their toxicity and possible development of adverse reactions.

Antiparasitic drugs are assigned not just when the patient has symptoms suspicious for invasion (persistent allergic reactions, weight loss with good appetite, unstable stool, fatigue, etc.), and laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis.

It is either the detection of helminth eggs in the feces or scrapings from the perianal region. Account is also taken of serological tests – the presence of blood antibodies to certain antigens of the parasite. To prescribe the right drug can only be a specialist with consideration of the helminth species found, the presence of indications and contraindications in the patient. Dose is calculated depending on the age, body weight and individual characteristics of the human body. Each case gets its own treatment regimen, especially in mixed infestations, presence of concomitant chronic diseases. For example:

  1. In opisthorchiasis need gradual getting rid of the parasites first, relief of inflammation, normalization of the outflow of bile and restoring the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract, then an effective course of treatment antiparasitic agent (3-5 days), then rehabilitation for reduction of intoxication, restoration of liver function and intestinal flora.
  2. To get rid of tapeworms is possible only with the help of individual therapy with medication, which will appoint a specialist, and in some cases receive hospital treatment conservative and surgical methods (echinococcosis).
  3. The parasites can be treated the easiest way, a single administration of the drug, however, in connection with the peculiarities of the life cycle of roundworms remedy for parasites in this class must re-take 2-3 weeks and constantly observe personal hygiene.

How to choose a product

If you suspect an infestation it is necessary to consult a specialist and pass inspection in case of detection of parasites the doctor will prescribe treatment.

treatment of parasites

The greatest demand among doctors and patients to use drugs a wide range of applications that allow you to destroy all types and all forms of existence of parasites.