Parasites on my feet

The human body is a very complex system, regularly and densely which interacts with the outside world. This factor provokes the penetration into it of pathogenic microorganisms and parasitic organisms. Incursio them brings a person a lot of harm, causing the development of serious diseases. That is why the question of how to get rid of parasites in the body for many people is important.

symptoms of parasites

This, according to most experts, is difficult enough, so how to detect intruders with the help of special diagnostic studies are not always possible. Also a big problem in this issue is the toxicity of anthelmintic drugs. It is therefore better to prevent than for a long time, and often unsuccessfully, to get rid of this scourge. And this should perform simple preventive measures.

The symptoms of parasites, depending on species

In humans of any sex and age can live several types of worms. It is reproductively Mature, round, and tapeworms, which live only in the intestines of the host, as well as their larval forms, are able to find the most favourable conditions of existence to affect any organ system. A huge danger and flukes that hit the person in the liver tissue.

The symptoms of most worm infections are not specific and have weak expression, which greatly complicates the diagnosis of invasion and the appointment of appropriate in each specific case of treatment.

Cunning worms is that they can masquerade as a disease of the internal organs. In this regard, people can years to treat pathologies of the hematopoietic, respiratory, urinary and other systems, not even suspecting that the cause of negative signs become worms and their larvae.

Symptoms of worm infestation depends on the type of parasites colonized the human body. A great influence on the specificity of signs and has a place of their immediate localization and intensity of infestation. That is why a frequent question people about how to quickly get rid of the worms, parasitologists suggest to pay more attention to their health, and at the first disturbing symptoms, immediately consult a specialist. In order not to miss the beginning of infestatio, it is necessary to have a General idea about the symptoms, capable to accompany the basic human lesson.

How to determine round parasites

Most often Incursio humans is the different representatives of the parasite class of roundworms. Especially susceptible to these helminthiasises small children. Therefore, experts recommend that parents explore all the warning signs that indicate the development of these helminths. Only then can the time to identify an attack, to turn to a parasitologist, who will tell you how to quickly get rid of the worms in this class.

Enterobiasis — infestation of pinworms, is one of the most distinctive symptom is pronounced itching in the anus, which occurs exclusively in the evening and at night. This negative phenomenon is associated with reptans ex in the perianal region in females for oviposition. In that case, if there is massive infection of pinworms, their number in the intestine increased, the appearance of such symptoms as nausea sometimes culminating in vomiting, abdominal pain.

Trichinosis is caused by ingestion of Trichinella, small, not exceeding 4 millimeters, and parasites. The intestinal form of this bot is not for people of any threat. Threat larvae of these parasites, living in human muscle.

To assume the presence of Trichinella at the following symptoms:
  • swelling, the so-called hernia, the upper and lower eyelids;
  • permanent swelling of the face;
  • the appearance of severe swelling in the feet and hands;
  • skin rash resembling allergies;
  • muscle and headaches;
  • reduced mobility of joints;
  • dyspeptic symptoms (signs of gastrointestinal disorders).

Symptoms of flukes

There may parasitize two species of these worms, which have the appearance of tree leaves. The first kind ordinary Fasciola (Fasciola hepatica), which does not exceed a length of 3 centimeters, and another — the giant (Fasciola gigantica), which reaches three times as large sizes. Symptoms that appear in humans after infection with liver Fluke, a variety.

Most often, the disease is characterized by development of inflammatory processes in the liver, as these parasitic worms clog all channels. Immediately after infection, while migrating flukes, picking a place for its further existence, occurrence of the disease occurs in acute form. Non-specific signs that are present in humans at this time, are characterized by enlargement of the liver, a sharp rise in temperature, appearance of skin rashes, shortness of breath. If a person does not pay attention to it and ignore the treatment will appear more serious symptoms are:

  • severe pain and cramps in the stomach, often radiating (giving off) in the lumbar region;
  • dizziness and loss of balance;
  • decreased performance due to pronounced fatigue;
  • insomnia, constant irritation, caused by any actions of others;
  • the development of cysts on the internal organs.

If there was even minimal concern about what happened Incursio liver Fluke, it is necessary to consult parasitologist and to conduct a thorough examination.

You must remember that acute phase fascioliasises disease provoked by the worms of this class, very quickly becomes chronic. At this stage in the human body appear irreversible, often life-threatening disorders, e.g., cancer. Chosen specialist therapeutic measures may not always bring the desired therapeutic effect.


Derive parasites folk remedies

Many people prefer to treat worms home. For this purpose are very popular and proven for centuries by traditional medicine. Almost all of the recipes collected in the Treasury of folk wisdom, are a real panacea for liberation from pathogenic organisms of any kind. A huge plus in addition to their effectiveness is a significant cost savings.

To destroy locatam in the body of uninvited guests apply the following herbal formulas, which have a pronounced anthelmintic action, but at the same time completely safe for the body and are not addictive. Before you start to heal with their help, you must within two days to hold a special training.

It is quite simple and lies in the fact that in the 1st day applies only mashed or liquid food, and at night is taken a laxative. The second day begins with a cleansing enema, after which you can start treatment.

The most popular and highly effective folk remedies, proven over the centuries.
  • Quick results can be achieved with the help of pumpkin seeds. For making funds in equal proportions are taken well crushed pumpkin seeds and honey. Components are thoroughly mixed, after which the drug was ready for use. Take it in small portions (no more than a teaspoon) two hours before eating. This condition is very important.
  • Effective anthelmintic properties against parasites of all types have chanterelles. Of these mushrooms prepared tincture, which is used during the month, a tablespoon just before bedtime. To prepare a medicinal drug of chopped chanterelles (two tablespoons of fresh or one of dry) poured 150 ml of vodka. Infuse a therapeutic agent is necessary in the refrigerator for two weeks.

This tool is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women and children up to 18 years!

  • Well-proven powder of coriander seeds. It is used in a dry form, 1 gram three times a day. To prepare the powder of the seeds is carefully ignited on a dry pan, then grind in a mortar or coffee grinder.
  • Effective in the treatment of helminthiasis infusion of Valerian. Well chopped dried rhizomes (tablespoon) pour a glass cooled to room temperature boiling water and tune in for 8 hours. Coactam the tool is used 4 times a day (regardless of meal) tablespoon.
  • Rid of parasites and water-melon seeds. They are dried and, together with the shells crushed in a coffee grinder. The finished milk powder is diluted 1/10. Per day should drink 2 cups of this healing agent — one in the morning, immediately after awakening, the second before bed. The treatment course should last for two weeks.
  • Well established and onion infusion. To cook a medium onion crushed into mush, pour cold boiled water. Remedy infused for 10 hours, after which it becomes ready to eat. Drink it four days on half a glass. Time of day significant is not important.
  • A remedy in which the medical de-worming activities may be conducted exclusively in adults, has two components — cognac (half a liter) and garlic (400 grams). For cooking, you must carefully grind the peeled garlic heads, pour their alcoholic beverages and leave to infuse in a dark place for three weeks. After that, for two months, carried out the treatment course, during which you want each morning to drink a tablespoon of the tincture.

In the preparation of home recipes from worms is strictly prohibited to change the recommended dosage or to violate the rules of admission.

coriander when parasites

Prevention of the disease

Due to the fact that all of the lesson very difficult to treat, and the drugs that are used for this purpose, very toxic, and can cause irreparable harm to human health, the easiest way to prevent possible Incursio. Make it a snap.

For effective prevention of infection of parasitic worms is enough to observe some simple rules:
  • all greens and veggies, fruits and berries before consumption should be washed thoroughly in running water;
  • the process of heat treatment of fish or meat should be at least an hour;
  • from insects that can carry on their paws helminth eggs (flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes) should be removed by any means;
  • Pets it is mandatory deworming, even in the absence of specific signs that indicate the presence of parasites;
  • the child must be accustomed to the observance of rules of personal hygiene, especially wash hands thoroughly after each contact with animals, visiting the toilet;
  • you need to eliminate negative habits, sucking fingers, nail biting, etc.

If any of the family members revealed the presence of worms, and therapeutic measures for preventive purposes should be to all who are in direct contact. You should also not forget that only at observance of certain precautions, a complete list of which can take a parasitologist, the need to ask questions about how to get rid of worms, will disappear by itself.

The types of subcutaneous parasites with photo

Today medicine can have not one or even two a subcutaneous parasite, each of them manifests a number of specific symptoms and requires immediate treatment. Knowledge of each species and their signs, will help as soon as possible to diagnose a kind of illness.

Below we describe the most common subcutaneous parasites that occur in humans, consider their symptoms with examples in pictures.


Filariasis — parasites species nematodosis, which can be picked up in the resort countries with a tropical climate.

The most dangerous kind of subcutaneous parasite, since the incubation period can take years, exactly from 5 to 7 years. All this time the parasites will be fruitful to multiply inside the person, showing no sign of its presence.

Due to the excessive activity of such pests, the person will begin intoxication, which is manifested with symptoms similar with the symptoms of hives of the epidermis. Once manifested itching all over the skin, problems with vision, are formed movable seal under the skin will continue to be a fever.

When the disease reaches its denouement, to diagnose subcutaneous worms will be to the naked eye, without the aid of microscopes and analysis. The doctor explains the process of development and progression of the disease, then assigns a specific course of treatment.

parasites on my feet


Getting this type of helminths on the human body is through contaminated water. Larvae in water, practically impossible to detect by any instrument and analyses. Often, this skin disease is fatal, due to the fact that the larvae of these parasites grow up to a meter in size.

Death can be triggered by the fact that the larva of the parasite is in the stomach and as the growth covers the lungs, cutting off oxygen flow into the body. These situations are rare in current medicine, since such a plan pests sunt habitavit in the lower extremities of a human.

The first symptoms and the following symptoms of Dracunculiasis:

  • itching in the legs;
  • the tumor in the form of a cushion in the legs and feet;
  • ulcers of the epidermis;
  • bubbles on the skin up to 8 cm in diameter, burst from the water.