How to quickly get rid of worms and other parasites

A person can become a carrier of several types of parasites.

Why is the infection

how to get rid of worms

Worms in the adult and child can appear for a number of reasons. Worms can reside in soil, in faeces of the animals as larvae. Children can become carriers of worms, playing with Pets, so it is important to make sure the child wash hands after contact with Pets and walking outdoors. In addition, infestation may occur due to insufficient heat treatment of meat products or fish. Freshwater fish may be infected with tape worm. The larvae of the worms can be in the water, so you can not drink raw river water. You can also give yourself helminthiasis in contact with a sick person.
The most dangerous factor of helminth infections is that parasites are not localized in any one system of the body. Infestation can affect various organs: liver, kidneys, eyes and even the brain.

Symptoms of infection depending on the type of parasite


  • headache and dizziness;
  • bloating;
  • disorders of defecation;
  • disorders of memory and concentration;
  • skin irritation in the anal area. The area around the anus can become inflamed due to the ingress of pathogenic microorganisms in the place of the scratching;


Ascariasis is characterized by increased body temperature, dizziness, nausea. Gradually reduced functioning of the immune system, a person usually begins a normal to hurt ARI and ARI. Infected, pain in the abdomen decreases intestinal permeability. Common outward manifestation of ascariasis - skin rash similar to hives that occur due to intoxication. Along the way, patients are deteriorating the appearance of hair and skin color. Ascariasis seriously violates the processes of absorption and assimilation of nutrients. With prolonged infestations, the patient is disturbed broncho-pulmonary activity, difficulty breathing, but the markers of cold-related diseases are not traced.

Lentetsy and tsepni

When infected by these worms symptomatic the following: acute abdominal pain, accompanied by vomiting; dizziness and weakness; a deterioration of the functional state of the cardiovascular system; violation of the blood.

How to quickly get rid of the worms

The presence of parasites is for many a very delicate issue that it is advisable to carry out without the interference of outsiders, so infected with worms people prefer in this matter the folk medicine, which for many years has accumulated many ways of getting rid of the hated worms. Some prefer traditional remedies, since they have a more gentle impact: the pharmaceutical preparations have a wide range of side effects. Moreover, most medications are only suitable in order to get rid of worms in adults to children they will not fit. Take a brief overview of traditional medicine that can quickly and safely kill the worms in the body.


In the issue of breeding worms in 1 day good effect is given a bath. To prepare the bath will need the following ingredients: elecampane, chamomile flowers, yarrow, thyme, calamus root, caraway seeds. From these plants prepared herbal mixture, which is poured boiling water and languishing under a cover for five or six hours. The broth is filtered and poured into the tub with warm water. The virus must be in the bath for 25-30 minutes.

The second option is the healing of worms baths requires great endurance, because to be in the bath takes about two hours. You will need: thyme, green beans, celandine, comfrey and oat straw. Each component need to take 4 tablespoons.

Onions and garlic

onions and garlic

Normal follicle rests for a night in warm water. Received an infusion of onion requires a small addition of aloe juice and honey; then the liquid is drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure required three times a day. If you want to get rid of worms in adults, then infusion of onion you can add vodka in the ratio of 1 share of vodka/2 shares of the infusion.

Garlic is traditionally considered an effective folk remedy for worms. To use garlic against parasitic worms, proceed as follows:

  1. In the morning RUB purified garlic head area of the navel. The garlic should be soft, to do this, the garlic heads need to be thermally processed. Generally garlic when infected by worms it is recommended to eat throughout the day, minimum eating 50 grams;
  2. After Breakfast, chopped pieces of garlic need to stick to the soles of the feet with plaster. During the day, garlic juice, unbearable for the worms will enter the body through the skin.
  3. After each meal you must eat a little of the mixture, which includes chopped garlic, millet, milk. This mix is best suited when infected by worms.
  4. Before bed you want to do an enema of warm water with the addition of the garlic pulp.

Garlic can be given to children to bring the worms out of the body. For this baby you can consume garlic in raw form, washed down with warm milk. Adults can eat garlic mixed with horseradish to get rid of worms.

Also have another recipe that is viewed by adherents of folk medicine as ancient and extremely effective. The bottom line is this: you will need a kilogram of fresh garlic and a glass of rubbing alcohol. Garlic should be cut into very small slices. Chopped garlic should be pour into container with alcohol, after which the container should be placed in dry cool place without light for two weeks. Make garlic tincture daily after each meal. On the first day of discovery takes 2 drops of the tincture. With each day the number of drops increases by one. The course ends when the number of drops increased to thirty. In this course there is a high percentage of cases of successful treatment of helminths. But it is important to be careful, because the delay can cause the addiction to garlic tincture.

Pumpkin seeds

Another antiquated method that helps lime hated parasites. Pumpkin seeds contain the amino acid which is a deadly poison for the overwhelming number of parasites. The seeds will have to eat a lot - at least hundreds daily. To seeds, you can add different products - the honey, garlic and milk.

For example, you can grind pumpkin seeds to a state of crumbs and pour honey liquid consistency. The mixture is consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, then after five hours put the enema to bring the dead worms from the intestines.

The second recipe is more sophisticated. Pumpkin seeds should be fry in a dry pan, and then mix with garlic paste. After you need to add liquid honey. The mixture need to eat beforehand to let her stand for 11-12 hours.

You can grind two hundred 200 grams of sunflower seeds in a coffee grinder and the resulting powder pour warm milk. After applying the mixture you need to drink plenty of water.


You can bring worms with this alcoholic drink. At night the infected have to drink five tablespoons of brandy, diluted tea. Under the influence of alcohol, the worms lose able be attached to the walls of the intestine and without any problems removed from the body by taking laxatives.


The most exotic recipe from the. You must grind grain in a coffee grinder and boil not less than 0, 5 liters of the drink. But used coffee in this case not quite a traditional way: the files must be placed enemas with coffee. Enemas are once a day every three days. This method can be attributed to the most radical of the Arsenal of traditional medicine. You can use it only to adults, as the coffee enema can greatly injure the intestines.


You will need one hundred grams of wormwood. You need to fill the plant with alcohol and allow to brew for seven to nine days. Make an infusion of wormwood worms need before each meal 4-5 drops.


For the expulsion of parasites will need partitions of a walnut. They need to pour boiling water and infuse for 20 to 24 hours. The infusion is consumed daily for 0, 5 cups a day. In some variations of the recipe, partitions walnuts, pour with boiling water and alcohol.


For the potion against the worms need pomegranate peel in the amount of 75-100g. Peel boil in boiling water. The broth to drink for forty minutes. After 2-3 hours, you need to take a laxative to cleanse the bowels. Pomegranate broth is best suited for neutralization of tapeworms and tapeworm.

It is important that the recipes that do not use alcohol mostly safe for pregnant women and children (should be excluded, except that coffee enemas). Popular recipes - help for pregnant women with helminthiasis, because you can quickly get rid of the worms. Women can not receive pharmacological anthelmintic agents in the first three months of the formation of the fetus. However, it is important to kill the worms in the body as soon as possible. Ascarids are especially dangerous, as these worms can penetrate the placenta and cause serious disturbances in fetal development. Moreover, worms are able to permanently poison a child, highlighting the toxic products in your life.

Pharmacological agents

Despite the diversity of national resources, to ignore the achievements of modern medicine can not.

After cleansing the body of worms, it is necessary to restore the condition of damaged body systems. Doctors recommend the use of complexes of vitamins and minerals.

To prevent the emergence of passengers in the digestive system. You must make sure that family members thoroughly wash their hands after garden work or communicating with your Pets. Animals, in turn, should be timely vaccinated against worms.

Fruits and vegetables should always be thoroughly washed. When camping it is important to understand that you can't drink water from rivers and springs: the worms can live in aquatic vegetation. Thoroughly gut and wash the freshly caught river fish, since it is often a temporary carrier of tapeworms.

Another important point is the timely change of underwear and bed linen and regular damp cleaning of premises. And, of course, periodic self-test: tests for the presence of the parasite can be taken to any laboratory center.