The best means of parasites in the human body

All this many people buy and take. Whether to fight with an invisible enemy for the prevention and by what means? Talk about this in more detail in this article!

the best remedy for worms

Need a cleaning for prevention?

Sense of treatment without a confirmed diagnosis, no. If you have irregular bowel movement and nausea is not a sign of worms. The most common symptoms that you need to contact the doctor:

  • bowel disorder;
  • unclear pain in the abdomen;
  • rashes;
  • constant colds;
  • irritability;
  • insomnia;
  • nausea;
  • change the appearance of the chair, until it worms or spots;
  • itching in the anus.

It should be understood that the symptoms vary from the type of worms.

Please note. The presence of one or two of the symptoms are not clear evidence that the presence of foreign residents in your body. But if common several symptoms, you should sound the alarm. However, even with constant repetition of the same characteristic, it is important to consult a doctor!

Risk factors:

  • you have houses a cat or a dog;
  • often in contact with sand or soil;
  • travel to exotic countries;
  • love to eat fish, sushi.

If all of the above in your life is not observed, it is not necessary to spend money on anti-parasites, eat a healthy diet and this will be enough.

Council. Do not forget about the simple rules of hygiene. Also pay due attention to the specifics of cooking a particular dish. For example, meat should be thoroughly cooked!

What drugs to use?

There are a number of preparations and folk recipes, which you can use to get rid of parasites. Take those and others only after a precise diagnosis is made.

Antinematodal agents

Accept only to destination the doctor. There are enough special tools to get rid of outsiders. Depending on the type of parasites the doctor will prescribe medications.

Most often it is the preparations containing:

  • levamisole;
  • of albendazole;
  • of praziquantel, etc.

Properly selected drug effectively get rid of worms. However, there are side effects, after which required an additional course of restoring the functions of some organs or the whole organism.

The fact that these drugs have strong toxic effects on the blood, liver, etc., So if the doctor insists on immune stimulant or prescribes medication do not give up!

Products based on vegetable raw materials

As suggested by most experts who fast treatment for worms to be based entirely on herbs, hand-picked for each case.

Many people choose treatment of folk remedies or ready-made herbal remedies, which are carefully withdrawn parasites. The main plant-healers:

  • dandelion (root);
  • wormwood;
  • garlic;
  • bow;
  • hell;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • fennel;
  • clover;
  • hot pepper;
  • yarrow;
  • thyme and some others.

These herbs have been tested by generations and years, even centuries. Their properties leave no doubt. In addition, they have virtually no side effects.

A doctor's opinion. Modern technology has reached a level that made preparations based on extracts, oils and phytoncides perfectly clean body.

What to choose?

What to choose medication or herb will not advise. It all depends on the individual case. Whatever it was, but be sure to listen to the opinion of the doctor. If in addition to tablets, other medicines want to take tinctures made from herbs, also consult with a specialist, who treated.

Although, of course, will not hide the fact that natural remedies have more positive effects on the body. The main differences between herbal medicines from synthetic:

  • natural, not synthetic cleaning from parasites;
  • possible long-term treatment, no disturbance of health;
  • selected complex supports the immune system;
  • after the reception is to raise the General tone of the body.
  • Alternative methods

    You can also select the so-called alternative methods, which do not involve medication or medicinal herbs.


    Ancient and effective method of treatment, which is carried out with the help of bee products.

    Please note. Contraindicated for people allergic to honey or propolis.

    Bees know how to make the product unique and inimitable. Their medicine has a wide range of actions. We distinguish two ways of combating pests using honey.

    1. The most popular method is diet walnuts with honey. There can be any number between meals for 2 weeks.
    2. Well cleanses the body and honey water. In a Cup of water dissolve 1 tsp of honey. Drink 1-2 cups a day on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before meals. Course to 7 days.

    Silicon water

    Flint pebbles are sold in the pharmacy. If you put them in a container of water (not boiling) and leave for a few days, the water acquires a completely different taste and properties. The more pebbles to put in, the better. You can drink only the upper water, the lower third part better not use or water her flowers.

    In General, silicon is able to be soldered to malicious parasites and even some viruses and fungi as well as to clean the blood. The properties of the silicon water is similar to silver.

    Additional recommendations

    No matter what it means for getting rid of parasites you choose, in any case, you should follow certain rules that will increase the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

    During treatment, you need to carry out these measures:

    • in the presence of Pets on a quarterly basis to give them drugs against parasites;
    • thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits, it is good to fry or boil meat and fish;
    • on the street not to touch the hands of the person;
    • do not drink tap water.

    The opinion of the gastroenterologist. Children are highly susceptible to the penetration of worms, try to instill in them from an early age the rules of hygiene. After all, the children and treatment, and the consequences occur is much more difficult than in adults.

    General contraindications

    There are also a number of contraindications common to all types of treatment:

    • Allergy to any component;
    • pregnancy and lactation (need special drugs that do not harm the child);
    • surgery;
    • exacerbation of a chronic disease.

    And remember, self-medication can harm your health, be sure to consult your doctor!