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For many of the world's history, with rapid development of medicine, science, engineering and technology of the modern world, our longtime companions – worms, continue to occupy a niche in the ecosystem. They are permanent of our guests settling in humans. The activity of these parasites are capable of inflicting tremendous harm to the body. Drugging him, they cause many unpleasant symptoms, destroy vital organs, are the causes and the deterioration of many dangerous diseases.

Methods for the treatment of helminthiasis

How you get rid of worms in humans? To successfully get rid of parasites without causing significant harm to the patient will help a clear understanding of what is of parasites it is infected.

Methods for the treatment of helminthiasis

It is necessary to conduct a survey in a medical facility, pass the required tests. The results will allow the doctor to prescribe treatment with drugs that are aimed to operate on a certain type of parasite, to help bring them out of the body, and will not cause significant harm to the patient.

The doctor will tell you how to quickly get rid of worms, to account for the General health of the patient, age, the interaction of drugs with each other to avoid negative side effects from their ingestion.

Removing worms from the patient is possible in an alternative way – using proven by many generations of traditional medicine recipes. This gentle method often recommended for the treatment of the elderly, children, patients with allergic reactions to medications.

Patients often have serious diseases in which is prohibited, toxic enough anthelmintic tablets. Medicinal raw materials that are used in the recipes available, recipes are easy in daily use, so this treatment can afford any infected.

To get the maximum effect from the treatment, it is recommended to combine two ways to treat and use the experience of traditional medicine along with traditional therapy.

Treatment with drugs against worms

Modern medicine has in its Arsenal a large selection of effective drugs that allow you to get rid of the worms quickly. The form of a helminth is a key factor for the purpose of medical treatment.

Medicines against worms are the difference in latitude of application:

  • drugs directed action – the effect from their application is aimed at a certain type of worms. These drugs are helpful to get rid of them in cases where laboratory investigations allowed us to determine exactly what the patient is infected only by one species of parasite and its appearance identified with absolute precision, the degree of destruction of the body;
  • drugs with broad spectrum of action, excrete several types of worms. They are prescribed by doctors in cases when there is no confidence, which was infected with a parasite, or in cases of worm infestation their several kinds.

Drugs against worms, in addition to medical operation, have a sufficient negative impact on our body because of their high toxicity.

Therefore, the treatment regimen requires the use of antihistamines and sorbents, which soften the action of the main drugs that allow to eliminate or reduce side effects when administered. It should be remembered that only a specialist medical institution will help you choose medication considering the diagnosis and characteristics of the patient, securing the maximum impact on his body.

The use of drugs directed action in the treatment of

Drugs directed action that affect the specific form of worms, are divided into:

  • those that kill in the body of tapeworms or cestodes;
  • whose action is directed against roundworms: ascarids, pinworms and vlasoglavy;
  • those that kill flukes.

Medicines of wide spectrum of action are distinguished by the method and mechanism of their effects on worms: some of them paralyze the parasites and flush them from the body, others violate their metabolism, and others – disrupt the biochemical processes of worms and act on their neuro-muscular tissue.

Only a doctor can help to determine which methods of influence on a certain kind of parasites will be the best therapy against worms. The use of such drugs will allow you to quickly withdraw dangerous parasites.

How you get rid of worms at home

How you get rid of worms at home

Since ancient times people knew the signs of the presence of worms in the body, understood the harm sought to get rid of them. Traditional medicines are very popular today and are often used for removing worms in the home.

They are safe, in consists of only natural ingredients, the recipes are not complicated, the financial cost of treatment is low. Especially recommended for the treatment against worms such methods to children, elderly people who have severe and chronic diseases of organs and systems, some of them applicable even pregnant and lactating women.

Learn how to get worms in humans in the home will allow the study of recipes accumulated over the centuries.

Treatment with garlic

Garlic is unique, he is able to treat and relieve for many diseases. Therapy and prophylaxis no cost, from this garden of wonder.

The use of garlic helps fight disease-causing germs and parasites, strengthens the immune defense of the people.

Silicon, available in garlic, not only a negative effect on the worms, but also isolates the patient from their metabolic products and to reduce the negative impact of their poisons. Folk recipes remedies at home with this ingredient a lot. The easiest thing is daily adding several cloves of raw garlic in any dish. Recommend to swallow half of a garlic clove at night and drink it with boiled water in order antiparasitic prophylaxis.

Effective decoction of garlic in milk. Podgoloski small peeled garlic, pour a glass of milk, mix boil on low heat for a quarter of an hour, cool. The decoction should be consumed on an empty stomach four times a day, one teaspoon.

The addition of a small amount of juice (10-12 drops) in boiled milk, reception of such funds during the day in small portions also helps to get rid of parasites.

Effective enema using the garlic. To prepare the solution used five or six finely minced garlic, add a Cup of warm boiled water for a few hours and use.

The use of pumpkin seed

A long time in folk remedies for worms in domestic environments used pumpkin seeds. The most famous recipe: in a blender or mortar and grind to a powder three hundred grams of raw pumpkin seeds, then the resulting powder is poured boiled water to a pasty mass, which optionally add a few tablespoons of honey.

The drug mixture should be applied once in the morning on an empty stomach, the whole volume of funds you need to eat slowly, better within the hour. Will enhance the effect and bring the intruders continued taking evening non-aggressive laxative and enema.

Combine pumpkin seeds with taking garlic decoction with milk, the recipe of which is presented above. You must eat a hundred grams of raw pumpkin seeds on an empty stomach, then drink a milk decoction. The effect of increasing the intake of a laxative and an enema using the garlic solution.