How to bring worms in humans in the home

Everyone who is faced with intestinal parasites interested in how to get worms in humans in the home. Helminths (worms) in adults and children are tricky. Their presence in the body is rarely accompanied by any symptoms, but they have a detrimental effect on the body. Adults are less susceptible to infection with worms.

symptoms of worms

Worms appear as: brief description of symptoms

Worms affect not only the intestine but other organs, e.g., heart, liver, lungs. Specific inherent in worms, no symptoms. But there are symptoms in which should be screened for the presence of worms.

The criteria by which we can assume the existence of worms:

  • flatulence;
  • violation of defecation (constipation or diarrhea);
  • uncomfortable and painful feeling in the gut.

Also worms in humans provoke metabolic disorder. This causes a sharp set, or weight loss, hypovitaminosis and anaemia. The weight gain is due to the fact that in the process of living worms produced toxic substances that are excreted the remnants of food. Accordingly, the person experiences constant hunger. Other manifestations arise from the fact that parasites from the body absorb large amounts of nutrients, leading to its depletion.

You should pay attention to dermatological manifestations. People infested with worms notice the deterioration of the skin, rashes and pigmentation. Less common helminths provoke disorder of the Central nervous system. For a man it is dangerous, that is a violation of sleep and emotional States.

No single criterion that indicates the infection of worms, does not guarantee the presence of parasites in the body. To know the true origin of the symptoms can.

Detection of worms in the home

How to get checked for worms at home is of interest to many. If for any reasons it is impossible to test for parasites in a medical facility, quickly identify their presence in the home. There are several ways to detect worms.

The simplest is the Scotch tape test. For it required a piece of clear glass, Scotch tape and a magnifying glass. Immediately after waking up, you need to glue a small piece of duct tape as close to the anus, then peel and transfer them to the glass. Next, you should examine the specimen under a magnifying glass. This check allows you to see some parasites or their eggs. For greater accuracy, you should carry out a test several times with an interval of 2-3 days.


If the tape test was inconclusive, most people wonder how to find out if worms have the person at home the other way. Another way to detect worms is enema. Worms in humans in the home are especially active in the evening, so to produce the procedure before bedtime. Enema it is advisable to get clean, warm water. After the procedure, you should evaluate the appearance of feces. In the presence of parasites in the body, they will be released together with water and the contents of the intestine. If after the procedure was discovered worms, you should visit a specialist.

Removing worms from the body

Worms, at first glance, safe parasites. But in fact, they can cause serious diseases, even death. Therefore, to know how to identify and treat worms must.

How to get rid of worms at home should know not only the doctors but also their patients. Treat worms comprehensively:

  • the destruction of parasites with medicines or folk remedies;
  • the excretion of parasites from the body;
  • the restoration of the damaged intestine;
  • improving the immune system and preventive actions to prevent re-infection.

To implement the full course of therapy should consult a specialist. It is advisable not to restrict like to the therapist, and visit a gastroenterologist and immunologist.

Pharmacological agents

Before using pharmacological agents should know how to move the worms with their help the body without causing much harm.There are two types of funds aimed at combating worms that are valid for use in the home: synthetic and herbal medicines.

Medication of worms in the home can be done in two different groups of medical devices:

  • Pharmacological agents that destroy worms. They have a broad spectrum of action. After applying them, violated the metabolic processes of pathogens, leading to their death. These funds not one person quickly cured helminthiasis.
  • Drugs that cause paralysis of the parasites. This type of drugs aimed at the destruction of round and tapeworms. The advantage of the considered medications that the parasites are excreted from the body is still alive, to prevent poisoning of the body decay products of worms.

No less effective are medications for getting rid of worms, plant-based components. Consider the medicines quickly destroy worms, giving the body the lesser toxic effects.

Traditional medicine

Traditional medicine is safer than pharmacological means. So, how to get worms in humans, with its help it is of interest to many.

The most effective home remedies therapy:

  • Pumpkin seeds and castor oil. The rind of the pumpkin seed contains a substance cucurbitina. This component derive different types of intestinal parasites in humans. To achieve the desired result, you must daily absorb 100 seeds in shell for 4 doses. To consolidate the results through 1-1,5 hours you should drink a tablespoon of castor oil. This will accelerate and facilitate the bowel movements, which will contribute to more rapid removal of worms.
  • Garlic with olive oil allows you to get rid of worms in adults. There are two recipes that allow you to remove the worms. First recipe: garlic, combine with 1 tablespoon oil and swallow. After the manipulation it is necessary to abandon the use of food and water to the bowel movement. A similar procedure should be done 2 days in a row. The second recipe calls for cooking garlic butter. For the manufacture of drugs should infuse olive oil with crushed garlic for a few days. The resulting oil should be applied 1 week before eating. This tool effectively get rid of worms.
  • Garlic and horseradish. From the presented ingredients are made drug solution, which allows to fight worms. For this you need to take equal amount of garlic and horseradish, then cut them, pour the vodka. Obtained the medication is needed to absorb 25 ml before each meal.
  • Onion infusion. Onions is an effective remedy for worms. For this you need to pour ½ cans of chopped onion vodka or diluted alcohol. Infuse this mixture at room temperature for 5 days. The resulting tool should be used in 25-50 ml twice a day.
  • The aqueous solution on the basis of the onions. By placing the chopped onion of medium size in a Cup of boiling water and you get an effective remedy for removing intestinal parasites. Infuse the mixture should be 10-12 hours, after which strain the drink of 125 ml per day. Duration of treatment this means 5 days.

These funds were treated several decades ago. But not always, these therapies help to flush the worms from a person at home the first time. As a result, at the end of the treatment should be repeated analyzes of feces.


Home treatment of worms in children

Young children are more susceptible to the toxic effects of drugs against parasites. Therefore, the majority of parents are interested in from the experts how to cure helminthiasis of the child with home remedies. Safer methods that contribute to getting rid of worms are:

  • Milk decoction with garlic. For the preparation of the drug solution must be mixed milk (250 ml) and garlic (3 cloves). The resulting mixture should be warmed in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. After cooling, the solution should be 5 ml 3 times a day. The duration of therapy is 2 weeks.
  • Carrots. Fresh juice or smoothie of fresh carrots, effectively remove intestinal worms in humans in the home. Home treatment lasts for 1 week. Children under 7 years should be applied to ¼ Cup of juice, at an older age, you should increase the amount of juice to ½ Cup.
  • Melon. The use of 125 ml of juice of ripe melon before Breakfast, will allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of the worms.
  • Chamomile color. In order to get rid of the worms must be replaced for a few days, drinking water, a weak decoction of Chamomile. Brewed Chamomile flower (according to the instructions on the package) should be diluted with water so that it became almost transparent. The duration of the consumption is 3-4 days.
  • Hemp oil. The longest fight against the worms has in mind the closure of the anus with cotton wool soaked in oil. This is done in order to pinworms, which breed mainly at night outside of the intestines, could not produce offspring, and life expectancy of an adult for 40 days. That is how much is the course getting rid of intestinal parasites.

As a rule, children are most sensitive to different pathological processes in the body. That is why you should use the safest possible methods that effectively compete with worms. Sometimes the toxic effect of pharmacological agents from worms, bring the child more harm than the worms.

Treatment of worms during pregnancy

The most effective recipes are:

  • Cranberry juice with pumpkin seeds. 0.3 kg of pumpkin seeds should be mixed in a blender with 60 ml cranberry juice. The mixture should absorb 3-4 times per day 1-2 tablespoons. Remedy safely eliminates worms and has no negative impact on the fetus.
  • Garlic is a good helper in getting rid of parasites. Daily absorption several cloves of garlic before each meal, will lead to the death of the worms.
  • Bow. With the increased consumption of raw onions in your meals is the destruction of the cells of helminthes that leads to their death. Onions can be used both in salads and in raw form without any additional ingredients.

During pregnancy, care should be taken to treat even safe folk remedy. Before applying it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Sample menu subject to availability of the worms

In the treatment of worms it is advisable to eat mostly fruits and vegetables. Sample menu for the day looks as follows:

  • Breakfast. The first meal should include only raw vegetables and pure water.
  • Snack. As a snack, you should consume yogurt or kefir drink, and raw vegetables.
  • Lunch. In the middle of the day you need to eat vegetables cooked in steam or boiled in water with low salt content.
  • An afternoon snack. As a second snack should be consumed as fresh fruit, preferably pineapple.
  • Dinner. The last meal should include a vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable or olive oil and a small amount of mashed potatoes.

Water should be consumed between meals. It is desirable to finish every meal with a yogurt or liquid, unsweetened yogurt.

dangerous products

Dangerous products at worms

You should note that some products consumed by people, obstruct the intestine. The most dangerous is during helminthiasis. To exclude from the diet have foods that are high in carbohydrates, namely:

  • cereals with a high content of starch;
  • flour;
  • fish and meat;
  • dairy products;
  • fried and fatty;
  • confectionery;
  • drinks with caffeine;
  • pasta.

Also should not drink alcohol-containing beverages and Smoking tobacco, as this would disrupt the absorption of vitamins and minerals. This leads to deterioration of the human condition, and accelerates the pathological processes provoked by worms.


In the prevention of helminthiasis many experts recommend every six months to apply the funds, which lead to the death of the parasites. But the use of pharmacological agents as a preventive measure is not always wise, as they have a detrimental effect on the human body.

The following rules contains the basis of preventive measures:

  • It is necessary to observe rules of personal hygiene. You want to wash your hands before eating and after visiting every public places and toilets.
  • It is important to monitor the condition of the nails. Long and dirty nails are often the cause of worms, especially in children.
  • Need to thoroughly wash vegetables, fruits, berries and greens. Contamination on the surface can contain, not visible to the human eye, the eggs of intestinal parasites.
  • It should prevent the presence of insects in a residential area. This is especially true of the flies, as they are carriers of the parasite eggs.
  • You must eat only inspected meat and fish products.
  • It is important to eat only purified water. Preferably after subjecting it to heat treatment.
  • It is important not to dive into waters that are near pastures and water points.

With these rules you can minimize the chance of infection with worms in the house and on the street. Presented and adhering to treatments can quickly get rid of worms. Checked for parasites once a year, it will help prevent serious complications in case of helminthiasis.