Worms (helminths): symptoms and the best ways to avoid them

"Berry tastes best straight from the Bush". With this saying is familiar, perhaps, each of us from childhood. Who has not tried flavored strawberry straight from the garden or blueberry during its collection. One berry in the basket, two in my mouth. A seemingly innocent habit of chewing in the mouth a blade of grass? Often adults do so. Like, come on, don't worry. Look how delicious. About the danger to "gift" the worms don't all think or treat it too carelessly. Just think, nothing in the parasites are terrible there. No need to pay attention to.

Whether so it actually? Whether the worms are harmful to the body, and do I have to deal with them? Prevention is needed and how to get rid of the worms?

worms in a child

Most often, the parasites penetrate into the body of a child. After all, guys, especially from 3 to 10 years, not always well-formed hygienic skills, and a passion for knowledge of the world is off the charts.

Some parasites dwell in our body?

Often children are identified helminthes that belong to roundworms: pinworm, roundworm (ascariasis), less — vlasoglavy.

Common signs and symptoms of worm infestation

  • high temperature;
  • there is often a dry cough;
  • vomiting, abdominal pain, frustration of a chair;
  • poor appetite (the child does not want to eat or, on the contrary, eats a lot but loses weight);
  • headache;
  • allergic reactions — skin rashes, swelling;
  • "gusinaya leather" — pale and dry, bruising under the eyes;
  • zaedy in the corners of the mouth (a sign of lack of vitamins);
  • anemia;
  • restless, disturbed sleep, irritability;
  • fatigue;
  • itching in the anus.

Interesting facts: the people, the first sign of worm infestation is considered grinding the teeth during sleep. In fact, it can be a healthy child. It is connected rather with the emotional overload. In the case of the defeat of the worms, grinds her teeth only every fifth. The fact that helminths cause chronic intoxication of the nervous system.

Why prevention of worms important?

Determine the presence of intestinal worms in adults and children most often in three primary ways:

  • feces analysis;
  • scraping (with masking tape).
  • serological examination of blood. If the worms are in the body produces antibodies. Them and looking for blood. Most often the blood is examined for toxocariasis, hydatid disease, trichinosis, and cysticercosis the pork tapeworm, the presence of bovine tapeworm.

However, the fact that the analysis does not discovered of worms, does not mean that the child they are not infected. To ensure that the analysis was positive, must simultaneously be met in a variety of conditions. For example, in the time of the study in the body can be only males or eggs in a non-deferred females.

Therefore, for more accurate results repeat analysis is recommended 2-3 times with an interval of several days.

What should I do?

Despite the many terrible and at least the unpleasant consequences of helminth infection, in 90% of cases the infection can be prevented by following simple rules of hygiene and to teach the children

  • wash your hands thoroughly after each contact with animals, work in the garden, playing in the yard and in the garden, before eating, after using the toilet;
  • get rid of the habit of eating unwashed vegetables, wild herbs, wild berries, drinking water from natural water bodies;
  • don't buy and don't prepare untested veterinary service meat. Poor quality, infected by worms, it can cause serious disease trichinosis.

Interesting to know: in order to wash vegetables or lettuce, and dip them in a bowl of water to let the sand settle to the bottom. Then wash under running water. If we are talking about baby food, an Apple or tomato, you can additionally pour over boiling water. You need to boil also water from the well or source. But water from the tap is treated before it enters the network, helminths there just is not!

Infection with worms often occurs in the open children's sandbox where you can freely walk in the night stray cat or dog. Closed the sandbox and ban dogs on the Playground can be of great help to reduce morbidity among children.

For connected medicine

2 times a year (spring and autumn) it is desirable for the prevention to take medication against worms (especially for those families with children up to 10 years). As a rule, available drugs for the treatment of helminthic infestations in a convenient dosage: just drink one pill. If we are talking about prevention of infection of worms, after 2 weeks of taking the drug need to be repeated.

treatment of worms

What's important to remember:

  • drugs against worms dispensed only by prescription;
  • drink the medicine at the same time all living in the apartment inhabitants, up to the pet;
  • children after 10 years it is recommended that preventive medication against worms, once a year, or more frequently if there are clear signs of infection;
  • if you notice signs of infection, drugs against helminth infection may be administered unannounced.

Worms are not harmless. They can hide in the body, not posing acute symptoms, however, causing the chronic intoxication of the nervous system, weakness, anemia. Because the tests are often inaccurate, doctors recommend to take medication against worms for the prevention 2 times a year — spring and fall. Such a measure will not bring harm, but get rid of many harmful consequences of worm infestation.