Worms in children: symptoms and treatment, pictures, symptoms of worms. How to bring worms in a child

Worms call worms from the group of worms that are parasitic in the human body and cause dysfunction of organs and systems. The most commonly occur in children pinworms and ascarids.

worms in children symptoms and treatment

Worms call worms from the group of worms that are parasitic in the human body and cause dysfunction of organs and systems. The most commonly occur in children pinworms and ascarids. There may also be different types of tapeworms that treat tapeworms. In any case, if you have symptoms of helminthiasis should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe an effective treatment.

The reasons of infecting children with helminths

There are several sources of contamination of the body by helminths:

  • Geohelminths – in this case, the worms enter the human body through soil and water. It can also occur after contact with animals and during the removal of fly eggs on food. So that child was infected worms enough for him to eat poorly washed fruits or vegetables, or drink water from a natural source, which is not subjected to boiling.
  • Contact way worms are passed from person to person. Usually this way pinworms spread, and the risk of infection is high especially in children's groups, for example, in the kindergarten or summer camp.
  • Biogelmintoz – worms enter the body after the consumption of raw and undercooked meat or fish.
  • Insect bites. Quite often carriers of worms are mosquitoes.

The main route of infection with worms is considered to be fecal-oral. In this case, helminth eggs enter the human organism with food or water.

Worms in children: symptoms


Signs of infection are directly dependent on the localization of worms in the body. The largest colonies of parasites – ascarids, pinworms, tapeworms – are found in the intestine, however, some helminths are able to move through the body. For example, roundworm can first get into the stomach and from there through the blood reach the lungs or the liver. There they develop for three weeks, and then again enter the intestine or the stomach.

Pinworms are often located in the anus, causing intense itching. The girls, they may also be localized in the genitals and cause vaginitis. Parasites such as cat Fluke, or liver dens, often live in the liver and pancreas. Echinococcus is capable of hitting muscle and bone, and tsepni – penetrate even into the brain. Also, some types of worms can reside in the respiratory tract causing a persistent cough.

Depending on localization of parasites in children can manifest the following symptoms of helminthiasis:


  1. Constipation. The worms of large size can close the lumen of the intestine, which causes a violation of the chair. Constipation can last more than two days.
  2. Diarrhea. Some parasites produce a special substance that stimulates the body to release undigested food residues with plenty of water.
  3. Flatulence. Individual species of helminths provoke swelling in the small intestine, resulting in excess gas formation. If time does not get rid of the worms, flatulence may last up to several months.
  4. The irritable bowel syndrome. Worms can cause inflammatory processes in the intestine, leading to malabsorption of nutrients and irregularis chair.
  5. Pain in muscles and joints. This occurs if the parasites get into the joint or into the thick muscle tissue and begin to destroy them.
  6. Allergies. Selection of worms can cause the body's production of special cells that are responsible for the development of allergic reactions.
  7. Worms can cause dermatological diseases. In the result, there appear acne, urticaria, acne, papillomas and manifestations of diathesis. Sometimes infection with helminths leads to increased fragility of nails and hair.
  8. Anemia. Certain types of worms are capable of lignum to the walls of the intestine, receiving from him not only nutrients, but also blood. In the result, the child develops anemia, which can be diagnosed by clinical blood tests.
  9. The weight change. Most often, the infection with helminths leads to sharp weight loss. The fact that the parasites absorb a significant amount of nutrients that enter the human body with food. Moreover, the presence of a helminth infection often leads to loss of appetite due to the penetration of toxins into the blood. However, in rare cases, the child is observed to increase body mass – this process is a protective response of the body to release the worms.
  10. Disorders of the nervous system. The child becomes cranky, whiny and irritable. Among schoolchildren and adolescents on the background of helminthic infestation may develop depression.
  11. Sleep disorders. If the child wakes up every night, this can indicate a helminth infection. Night parasites can leave the body through the anus, this process is accompanied by severe itching feeling, which does not allow the baby to sleep. If after brushing, the child bites his nails or just pulls the fingers in the mouth, then there is a repeated autoinfection. For this reason, to bring worms in children much harder than adults.
  12. The chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition manifests itself in rapid fatigue, apathy, weakness. The cause of these conditions lies in the shortage of nutrients in the body. The child may experience memory impairment, emotional tension and drowsiness.
  13. Disorders in the immune system. Because of worm infestation the child is much more likely to suffer from viral diseases. It may have allergic reactions to conventional products. In the intestine often develop goiter or colitis, but on the face – acne, herpes, and diathesis.
  14. The inflammatory process in the respiratory tract. In this case, the child has cough and increased body temperature. Rather dangerous complication of helminth infections is the development of bronchial asthma.
worms in children-treatment

A variety of symptoms caused by the worms, greatly complicates the diagnosis. Therefore, parents are advised not to neglect routine maintenance, which must include tests for the detection of pinworms and ascarids.

Methods of diagnosis of helminthiasis

To detect worms in the body of the child, often used by ovoscopy. This study is the analysis of a feces on eggs of helminths, which are parasitic in the digestive system. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to obtain absolute results, as not all worms lay eggs systematically.

More accurate results can be achieved with the help of histological coprograms, which is microscopy of thin sections of cal. Through this study could clearly identify the parts of the bodies of the worms and their eggs. In the result, it is possible not only to diagnose helminth infections, but also to determine the species of parasites.

If there is any suspicion that the localization of helminths in the lungs, is shown an x-ray. In addition, performed the examination of the sputum. To detect parasites in the liver, brain or kidney, performed CT or ultrasound. For the diagnosis of helminths in the blood making the blood, which also helps to identify anemia or inflammatory processes in the body.

Worms in children: treatment

To therapy was the most effective, you must consult a parasitologist and clearly follow his recommendations. Self-treatment Antiprotozoal drugs is unacceptable as they are quite toxic. In addition, we should note that in case of invasion of different types of parasites require individual treatment regimens, which are built depending on the life cycle of helminths. When calculating the dose, the doctor must take into account the child's age and weight.

Many drugs ineffective against larvae and eggs of worms. In addition, there is a big enough threat repeated autoinfections pinworms in young children. So after 2-3 weeks, the therapy must be repeated.

In parallel with the assigned etiotropic drugs your doctor may recommend cholagogue, if there is a suspicion that parasites inhabit the gall bladder. Often prescribed laxatives for more rapid elimination of parasites and sorbents to absorb toxins. Antihistamines reduce the allergic reaction and significantly improve the well-being of the child patient.

From folk remedies to combat worms used pumpkin seeds and herbs of tansy. Seeds should be cleaned parents that the child could eat a thin film located between the seed and the peel.

For getting rid of worms 300 g this product must be crushed, mix with honey and give the child 1 tablespoon. Do it best in the morning and then have 3-4 hours to feed the baby. The treatment can be repeated after 2-3 weeks, depending on the development cycle of a particular parasite.

One of the most popular means of worms tansy is. To prepare the broth 3 tablespoons herbs, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 1 hour, then drain. The skin should drink 3-4 times a day a tablespoon.

To cope with the toxins and to destroy the worms will help products that have a bitter taste. For these purposes, it is recommended to use wormwood and cloves. In addition, almost all worms can not tolerate acidic environment. So to cope with worms by inclusion in the diet of sauerkraut, Apple cider vinegar, natural juices from acidic fruits and vegetables.

If you suspect the presence of worms in the child, it is necessary to include in the diet of a large number of fresh carrots. Also very useful to drink natural juice and infusion of birch buds. For its preparation a teaspoon of raw pour a glass of water and heat on a steam bath for half an hour. Two hours later the infusion is ready to use. It is recommended to take half a glass means twice a day. The course of treatment – 1 week.

worms in children symptoms

Prevention of worms in children

To not have to deal with the unpleasant consequences of helminth infection, it is recommended to perform preventive measures. For this should not give the child raw water from springs or wells. Before use, such water must be filtered and boiled.

After contact with the ground hands need a good wash with soap and water. Not less carefully it is necessary to wash the vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries that will be eaten the child and other family members. It is very important to thoroughly heat treatment meat, fish and poultry. It is not recommended to offer the child dried, salted or raw foods that have not undergone heat treatment.

After bathing in the waters, it is necessary to take a shower. Do not allow Pets to lick your hands or face of the baby, because their language can be helminth eggs. After contact with animals should wash their hands. In addition, be sure to perform aquarium cleaning pet and the whole family to undergo preventive medical examinations.