How you get rid of parasites from the human body medication and with the help of traditional medicine?

The human body - system is quite complicated. From the moment of birth he is subjected to interaction with the outside world and, accordingly, with different microorganisms. And not all of them bring people benefits often come across the so-called parasites (worms, fungi, etc.). If they enter the body and infect it, to get rid of them. As these microorganisms are able to cause great harm.

some parasites can remain in the body

Then the question arises, how you get rid of parasites from the human body. If this is not done in time, this situation can even lead to fatal consequences. So the body should be cleaned periodically of parasites. Including regular prevention.

Some parasites can remain in the body

How you get rid of parasites from the human body pills? For this purpose we need to determine what it is infected. In the human body can be several types of parasites:

  • worms (tape and round worms);
  • pinworms;
  • vlasoglavy;
  • roundworm;
  • iecoris Dens;
  • Trichomonas;
  • Toxoplasma gondii;
  • Gardnerella;
  • gonorrhea;
  • Mycoplasma;
  • Ureaplasma;
  • Giardia;
  • chlamydia;
  • fungi of the genus Candida;
  • amoeba;
  • various viral microorganisms.

The symptoms of infection

Symptoms when infected by the parasite can be very diverse. For example, diarrhea, abdominal pain, constipation, depression, weakness. Even the feeling of discomfort in the joints and muscles. Sometimes changes dramatically in body mass, the person starts quickly losing weight. Appears appetite, impaired immunity. Occurs the excessive skin sensitivity. When you stay parasites in the body, the person may experience sudden changes in pressure.

Sometimes there is rash, pimples, irritation, and even itch. Inflamed skin can start to fester. Yellowish whites of the eyes can sometimes indicate parasites that are in the body. The skin may have cracks and warts. Begins to break down and become thin nails. Inflamed genito-urinary system. In some cases, even developing asthma. This is alarming, and therefore, the question arises, how you get rid of parasites from the human body.

But do not panic. Many of the symptoms can be caused by other diseases, including colds. So in any case you must contact the doctor who will deliver an accurate diagnosis and determine the types of parasites and ways of their elimination from the body. But even before the onset of symptoms an ounce of prevention.

Training the body to cleanse from parasites

Let us understand how to take care of it from the body Before this procedure must first undergo examination. It will need to choose the best method of treatment. Besides can also be contraindications to certain medications or methods of purification. Especially on the background of chronic diseases, inflammation, or flare-UPS. Before cleansing the body from parasites need to go on a healthy diet. Ideally vegetarian. You want to exclude from the diet of fatty and heavy meals within two weeks to stick to a sparing fasting. You need to eat as many fruits, raw vegetables, drink fresh juices. You need to eliminate from the diet sugar and refined foods.

It is important to observe the correct drinking regime. Use only with clean potable water at least two liters daily. You need to eliminate carbonated beverages, pre-cleanse the kidneys, liver and intestines. Suffering from constipation is to use enemas, cleansing the intestines. For this you can use the decoction of tansy, chamomile, sage, calendula and yarrow.

How to cleanse the body of parasites with oral medication

how to cleanse the body by using pills

How to effectively bring parasites from the body? If it is correct to approach this question, it is necessary to use not only drugs, but also to use an auxiliary folk remedy. And treatment should take place in several stages. All three of them. On the ground the body is pre-preparing. Prescribers containing vegetable oil. In the second stage, de-worming medications are prescribed, but are very soft. In the third stage are assigned to drugs that restore the immune system and liver function, kidneys, intestines, etc., and also vitamin complexes. Most important is the restoration of the liver.

How to cleanse the body from parasites folk remedies

There are numerous ways that are used since ancient times in the nation. List methods that you use often.

Very useful to know how to take parasites folk remedies. If the person does not have gastritis or ulcers, you can use to cleanse pepper. If consumed in large amounts, worms, harmful bacteria will disappear quickly. But in any case, this method may harm the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to apply it very carefully. The children he definitely contraindicated.

Cleansing regular onions will work, if the body is struck by ascarides and pinworms. For treatment take the bulb and carefully milled. Pour a glass of boiling water and insist 12 hours. Then infusion of strain and drink half a Cup daily. The course of treatment - 4 days.

How to rid your body of parasites folk remedies yet? A good way garlic candle. This is quite an interesting and effective method. For the preparation of candles take a few cloves of garlic that are crushed on a fine grater or press. Then this slurry is poured a small amount of warm boiled water and insist half an hour. In the resulting thick solution soaked cotton wool and wrapped in a bandage. Insert it in the anus for 20 minutes. This garlic pulp can be used for an enema by adding water.

To rid the body of small worms well helps the juice from raw carrots. Enough to take daily one tablespoon twice a day.

how to cleanse the body from parasites folk remedies

To cleanse, you can make an infusion of chicory. For this you will need 1 teaspoon finely grated root. Additionally you will need the same amount of dry tansy and yarrow. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. The resulting mixture pour two cups of water, insist on a water bath for 15 minutes. Drink the infusion on an empty stomach a quarter Cup. The course of treatment - a week.

How you get rid of parasites from the body of the child

How you get rid of parasites from human body effectively and safely? There are many popular methods that help to do it. For example, you can use coconuts. This tool is best suited for children. Coconut pulp is finely rubbed and mixed with milk. To be taken three times a day before meals for 1 tsp If using for an adult - the dose is doubled. The course of treatment - a week. Then made a break for 14 days. And again for the week.

How you get rid of parasites in a child by yourself? You should be very wary of the use of drugs. Use them without consulting a doctor is impossible. For example, "Praziquantel" is very effective for elimination from the body of worms. But keep in mind that this severely affected the liver and pancreas. This drug is simply toxic. Therefore, any drug usually has a number of contraindications. And apply it to children, you must be careful.

In children with parasites often find worms. But effective treatment is necessary not only to choose the right drug, but also strict dosage. It can determine a doctor. When a large number of parasites children are assigned to integrated courses that use multiple medicines and folk methods. With any treatment it is necessary to take short breaks.

Cleansing soda

cleansing soda

How you get rid of parasites from the human body with the help of soda? That's it for this method of treatment should be treated with caution. Although, according to many, is often a means more effective than expensive drugs. This method refers to the national way. The procedure consists of enemas with baking soda, which are used in the evening.

The course of treatment is two weeks. Hold it twice a year. According to the observations of people who have undergone this treatment, already after the first course restores normal appetite are discomfort, and strengthens the nervous system.

For enemas take 800 ml of water, to which is added 30 grams of soda. Some people prefer to add a bit of salt. The solution was then injected into the rectum.

You can find lots of stories, how to take care of it soda. Only now the doctors is a popular opinion that it helps to expel worms from the body, do not agree. As the parasites live mostly in the upper part of the intestine, and down down only for laying eggs. And if the parasites appeared during the procedure there, they will of course wash. But the rest of pinworms touches. And soda they are not afraid.

How to clean liver from parasites

Liver best to start clean after this procedure is carried out with the intestines. Very well to the usual Apple juice and olive oil. One of the methods the course of treatment - a week. For her only drink Apple juice. These fruits contain acid, which helps to enhance the bile ducts.

After 7 days along with juice to drink a Cup of olive oil. You can use gulp or in small SIPS, alternating the oil with the juice. But this method should be treated with caution. Not every body will be able to survive, and not for each person it fits.

How you get rid of parasites from the liver with pumpkin seeds? This method is harmless and is used even for children. For the cleaning procedure you will need: 300 grams of pumpkin seeds, 1 tbsp of honey and magnesia (sulfate). The seeds are pounded to obtain a homogeneous mass, then in a container add honey and 50 grams of boiling water. All thoroughly mixed.

Drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Eat whole lot for hours. After 3 hours take a laxative (magnesia). Proportion - 1.5 tsp. per glass of water. Then after half an hour you do the normal enema. This cleansing need to do twice a year. Spacing shall be one month. Starting from the second year, the cleaning process is enough to be done only once.

How to rid your body of parasites folk remedies yet? You should pay attention to herbs. They are perfectly clean not only the liver but the whole body. To clean taken: yarrow, tansy, oak bark, chamomile, St. John's wort, buckthorn bark and Helichrysum. Prepare 1 teaspoon of each herb, mix, and brew in a thermos 0,5 l of boiling water. The infusion is prepared for the evening. Take it in the morning, 100 grams daily. The course of treatment is 10 days. Then a break for 4 days. Then the cleaning procedure is repeated. It is carried out only once a year.

How to clean the intestines from parasites

Besides the above drugs for the treatment of intestinal worms, it is possible to use enemas with medicinal herbs. How you get rid of parasites from the bowel thus? Very useful for this are Siberian ginseng and spirulina. These plants are detoxicants, binding and removing all poisonous substances, which get pinworms and many harmful bacteria.

When asked about how to bring the body of a huge parasite, you can say that Siberian ginseng and spirulina are creating intolerable conditions for life of worms (regardless of size), than force them to leave as soon as possible has become unsuitable for their lives the human body. In addition, these plants are perfectly restore the immune system, a protective response, contribute to the rapid recovery of the intestinal mucosa and biliary tract.

When purgation is great preparation, which includes Siberian ginseng, and guarana. They increase the body's resistance and endurance, speed up the elimination of toxins.

The Method Of Hilda Clark

How to bring parasites from the body using the method of Hilda Clark? Purification in this way is very effective to combat the worms, bacteria, viruses and single-celled. For this purpose the tincture of the peel of unripe walnuts, which is sold in pharmacies.

To prepare the tincture take 15 peel walnuts (unripe). It is poured 500 ml of alcohol or vodka. Insist on the sun a month. Then the tool is removed into a dark place and stored there. Drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

On the first day - 1 drop in 100 ml of water. Then each day added one at a time. On the sixth day is added to the water is 2 teaspoons. In this proportion the infusion drink during the year.

The powder of the Artemisia was taken before dinner. You can drink only cold boiled water. The first two days - half a teaspoon, the following 2 - by a tsp On the 5-th and 6-th - 1, 5 tsp to Drink powder is necessary, while the dose is not increased in 7 times of the original. As prophylaxis it is enough to make mugwort powder half teaspoon daily. Drink it also need during the year.

If you can not bring parasites by yourself, without consulting a doctor

Removes parasites independently at home is impossible in some cases. When:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • Oncology;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases (any);
  • high temperature;
  • colds;
  • acute renal or liver failure;
  • stomach ulcers, gastritis;
  • bleeding (including menstruation).