Signs of parasites in the body. Check yourself and your loved ones!


It seemed to me, know it all. It turns out, not all. The question is - How to determine if parasites? The analysis on helminth eggs is not showing their presence. Does this mean that they are not?

This analysis has long been obsolete in the last century. And why is it still do - no one understood.

However, the presence of parasites you can learn without an analysis, since there are dedicated physicians the SIGNS of the PRESENCE of PARASITES IN the BODY. Check yourself and your family if you have such signs?

Unexpected guests. Parasites in our body

The main symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are:

Constipation. Abundant helminth infection can block the bile and intestinal path that leads to rare and difficult bowel movements.

Diarrhea. A number of parasites produce a prostaglandin that leads to the loss of sodium and chloride, which leads to frequent watery stool. Thus, diarrhea in a parasitic infection is a function of the parasite, not the body's attempt to get rid of the infection.

Gas and bloating. A number of parasites living in the upper small intestine, where they cause inflammation leads to bloating and gas.

Pain in the joints and muscles. Parasites may migrate with the aim of encapsulate in joint fluid and muscle. Thus the person experiences pain, which is often considered a symptom of arthritis. Pain and inflammation of joints and muscles are also result from injury to tissues caused by parasites or immune response of the body to their presence.

Allergies. Parasites can irritate and sometimes pierce the shell intestines, which leads to the ingress into the blood of large molecules of undigested food. It activates the immune system and causes an allergic reaction. By themselves, the parasites can also be allergens.

Problems with weight. Obesity as a consequence of helminth infection is a result of the robbery of the human body. Because of the extravagance of helminths there is a deficiency of nutrients in excess of "empty calories".

Nervousness. Metabolic wastes and toxins parasites can seriously affect the nervous system. Anxiety, depression, nervousness are the result of systematic poisoning.

Chronic fatigue. The symptoms of chronic fatigue, weakness, apathy, flu-like status, depression, reduced concentration, poor memory. These symptoms can be caused by parasites, which absorb most of the nutrients. Even with very good nutrition a deficit of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Deteriorating the permanent poisoning of the body.

Immune disorders. Parasites weaken the immune system, decreasing the secretion of immunoglobulin. Their presence continuously stimulates the reaction system and can weaken this vital mechanism, opening the way of penetration, bacterial and viral infections.

Inflammation of the Airways. The number of worms migrating in the human body, including the respiratory tract. Cough, fever, runny nose – the symptoms of the real presence in the body "intruders". Pneumonia is one of the manifestations of ascariasis.

Bad skin. Intestinal parasites can cause hives, rashes, eczema and other skin reactions. Of the skin ulcers, tumors, papillomas, etc. can be the result of the presence of protozoa.

The sleep disturbance. Frequent night waking can be the result of attempts of the body to get rid of toxic substances through the liver. Sleep disorders can be triggered by the overnight release of certain parasites through the anus, leading to painful sensations and itching.

Cancer. Chronic poisoning of the body, failure of the immune system, direct traumatic effects on tissues and organs, long-term inflammation and nutrient deficiency – this is more than enough to provoke the development of tumors.

Other symptoms. Very diverse and depend on the type of parasite, duration of infection and degree of organ damage. Range from migraines and heart attacks to asthma and inflammation of the urinary tract.

All the above are just a few examples of the harmful effects of parasites.

In the course of his life man is in contact with a huge number of harmful microorganisms and infected them.

Moreover, the penetration of parasites in the body can not fully depends on your neatness. You can eat lunch at an expensive restaurant, eat salad greens, and have all the chances of getting ascaridiasis.