Fast cleansing the body from parasites at home

Being in the body, the parasites feed on the nutrients, thereby causing discomfort and poor health. There are many ways of cleansing the infestations: medical and de-worming medications, and alternative – folk remedies, herbs, with which you can quickly and effectively get rid of parasitic microorganisms.

When you need to do cleaning?

About the infection of worms can testify to such symptoms:
  • frequent headaches and dizziness;
  • constant weakness, fatigue;
  • sudden attacks of nausea;
  • increased salivation;
  • often the resulting hunger;
  • loss of appetite that leads to weight loss;
  • muscle pain;
  • allergic skin rash, dermatitis;
  • grinding the teeth and snoring during sleep;
  • depression, psychological disorders;
  • reduced immunity, anemia;
  • the formation of warts, age spots;
  • cracks on the soles of the feet.

To determine the presence of worms in the body can also be external signs. The skin of an infected person eventually becomes oily, acne, pimples, early wrinkles appear, the complexion becomes dull. In women can disrupt the menstrual cycle, appear in the breast and uterus benign tumors.


Preparations for cleaning of organism from parasites

  • Before you start cleaning, you need to make sure that the body really live parasites.
  • In addition to the conventional study of feces for the presence of helminth eggs, there are many laboratory tests that are used to diagnose parasitic infections. Such studies should be conducted in order to know for sure whether the body of parasites and if so, which ones.
  • Approximately 10 days before the purification of the need to switch to light and healthy meals, avoid spicy, fatty, sweet foods. In the absence of contraindications to vegetarianism, these days eating only fruits, fresh vegetables and freshly squeezed juices with pulp (they contain more fiber).
Please note! An important question in preparing for cleansing and moisturizing the body. Ideally, if the day a person consumes 2 l of water and in addition, drink herbal teas.
  • Constipation prior to the start of cleaning should solve this problem – you can take a laxative throughout the week, and in case of its inefficiency to do a few enemas.

Methods of cleansing the body

There are several alternative methods that allow you to get rid of parasites


The first purification of a radical, but, according to the author, final. This five-day fasting or the use of urine (your own) that you can drink or do an enema. Such procedures should be repeated 4 times a year.

Method enemas

offers purified from parasites using enemas with acidified water. The procedure should be performed twice: in the morning from 5.00 to 7.00 in the evening – from 18.00 to 19.00.

It is important to know! Water for the enema is recommended to use at room temperature, preferably purified, but not boiled.

Acidified water with lemon juice, sea buckthorn berries, cranberries, but cranberry is best – it acts not only on worms but protozoa.

For one enema, take 2 liters of water, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of juice and one spoon of regular salt – it eliminates the puffiness that often occurs with regular carrying out enemas. You should be prepared that after each enema be followed by several trips to the toilet during which will gradually go helminths. The greatest number of parasites, usually goes out for the last time.

After a course of treatments is recommended daily, for 10 days, to drink a glass of chamomile tea or 2 cups of freshly squeezed Apple juice to recover the mucous membranes of the digestive organs.


Pills from parasites

If earlier treatment of helminths was carried out mostly plant drugs now on the market is a fairly wide range of drugs of synthetic origin, more safe and effective.

The recipes cleansing of parasites at home

No less effective in the fight against parasites traditional recipes and natural products


On germicidal properties of garlic have long been known. He can kill not only worms, but also the entire pathogenic flora in the body: fungi, bacteria, viruses. Garlic is a good preventive measure against the development of parasitic infections in small amounts can be given to children.

For the purposeful destruction of the worms used garlic enema prepared with water or milk:
  • to make garlic water to grind the head of garlic, pour unboiled water, a little to insist, then strain:
  • in the second option must be boiled in a glass of milk a few allium cloves until tender, cool, then filter – this enema can be put to children: the child is pretty much 100 ml of the decoction, for adults – 200 ml.

Cleansing enemas should be conducted at night during one week.

Good antiparasitic property has garlic tincture in brandy. For its preparation you will need 400 grams of garlic and 1 liter of brandy. Garlic to clean, chop a little, then pour brandy. To insist in the dark for 3 weeks. Take on an empty stomach 1 tablespoon once a day. Tincture is enough for about 2 months – this is the course. Cleaning is carried out not more than 1 time in two years.



Cleansing soda is held in three stages and involves enema: two cleaning and one with a soda solution. The first phase involves flushing the bowel with an enema of salted water: 2 litres boiled and then cooled to 20 degrees of water, dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt.

The next stage – enema with baking soda. For its preparation we need in 800 ml of warm water (40 degrees) to dissolve a spoonful of baking soda.

In the end it is a cleansing enema, similar to the first. For greater efficiency in water it is recommended to add fresh lemon juice.

Procedures are performed through the day. The course consists of 8 procedures and takes 16 days. One three-step cleansing takes about an hour and a half.

Brandy and castor oil

The tandem of these products often used by the people for the expulsion of parasites. There is an opinion that from cognac worms get drunk and lose their ability to attach to the intestinal wall. And if at this time to drink castor oil is a quite strong laxative, happens intense purgation, during which the content will be released worms.

For cleaning use high-quality brandy and castor oil (sold in every pharmacy). Fasting you need to drink 50 grams of cognac and oil, and then drink warm sweet tea – it will cause the worms to crawl out of the nooks and crannies. In a few minutes, under the action of castor oil, there will be a natural cleansing the bowel.

Judging by the reviews, the parasites do not always come out during the first procedure – in some cases only after the third and even fifth, so should be cleaned until then, until all worms. If necessary, you can make a few days break, and then the procedure to restore.

castor oil


In folk medicine, is the first tool of the parasites. Applications of the sage quite a lot and they are all simple to prepare:

  • Broth. Spoon dry grass pour boiling water (200 ml), to insist a little or hold for half an hour in a water bath. Chill and have a drink in a few receptions.
  • Powder. You can use ready-made pharmaceutical facility or your home-made dried plants together with flowers, leaves, roots you just need to grind in a coffee grinder. Take the powder twice a day half an hour before meals. It can be taken with water or added to tea, juice. Duration of treatment – a month.
  • Tincture. Dry powdered herb pour alcohol: 5 tablespoons herbs on half a litre of alcohol. Insist 10 days, away from sunlight, then filtered. Take twice a day a tablespoon. Not recommended with heart disease and stomach problems.


  • For the expulsion of parasites used bitter herbs: yarrow, wormwood, immortelle, tansy, Daisy, St. John's wort. You can also make a buckthorn bark or oak. Herbal decoction is used on an empty stomach 100 g for 10 days.
  • For preparation funds should be pour into the thermos 5 tablespoons herbs or herbal collection, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and infuse during the night — resulting broth is enough for 4 days.
  • Effective tool against parasites the people believed nettle root. It is poured boiling water, a little boil, then insist half an hour. Take on an empty stomach.
  • Upon completion of the 10-day cleansing is a three-day break, after which the course is repeated. This two-step purification is carried out once a year.

Contraindications and side effects

Good health is a prerequisite for quick and efficient readings. You should not carry out cleaning procedures in such cases:

  • during exacerbation of any chronic disease – the body in this period weakened;
  • if any bleeding wounds, including menstruation in women;
  • during the period of respiratory viral diseases, which are accompanied by high temperature;
  • in kidney, liver, heart failure;
  • gastritis and peptic ulcer disease;
  • at oncological diseases;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

Using folk remedies, you need to be prepared for adverse events:

  • nausea;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain and spasms in the abdomen;
  • dizziness and headaches;
  • lowering or raising HELL.

Before using anthelmintic drugs, you should carefully read the instructions for possible side effects.


Reviews of doctors

In this question the opinions of experts differ. Some of them agree that the cleaning of parasites is necessary — even if no obvious signs of infection, you should regularly cleaning with a preventive purpose.

Infectious disease physicians and parasitologists believe that the information about the infection parasitic infections nearly 90% of the population are overblown. We do not live in tropical African countries, we have a number of infection incursus does not exceed 40% and those have Giardia and Toxoplasma is a parasitic protist that is transmitted to humans from animals and birds.

It is important to know! Normal are infected with worms not more than 10%, mostly it is the people who live in rural areas, where there is no drainage.

The main cause of infestation, unwashed food and dirty hands. At observance of rules of hygiene, the use of thermally processed foods, the risk of infection with worms, as a rule, minimal.

To expel the parasites without sufficient reason, doctors do not recommend. If there is suspicion of worms, it is necessary to conduct blood tests – diagnostic tests account for 95% of all the possible types of parasitic infections. Then you need to see a specialist for treatment.

Doctors recommend therapy anthelmintic drugsand they are more effective and less toxic than some folk remedies. Also, do not self clean from parasites people with chronic diseases.