How to make the prevention of parasites in the body

Experts say that in 90% of cases contact with the parasite leads to infection. In most cases, people, invasion, the first time unaware of the reason for his well-being.

Moreover, the signs of infestation are easily confused with symptoms of other diseases. One of the effective ways to avoid infection and negative effects on health is prevention.

Specialists have no disagreements about what prophylactic measures to prevent infection in certain points is necessary for most people. Our daily life is replete with moments that are favorable for the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms in the human body. Over billions of years nature has endowed living creatures with unique properties, including cloaking, which help them to survive in the most difficult conditions.

The harm to the organism one or the other, rarely confined to any one negative impact, mostly it is diverse. This selection in the host body of waste products, which act on the human body as toxins. Consumption of food from the intestines, or even the power of the blood of the host.

And sometimes the physical destruction of the internal organs, the violation of the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract. Penetration in blood and human liver or even the brain. All of this can lead to severe consequences, the disruption of the functioning of the whole organism, infection.

But, fortunately, everyone is able to minimize the likelihood of such complications. Strict observance of rules of personal hygiene help to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

The meeting, often invisible to humans ends for the last result, which depends on the state of his health. Nature has endowed all living creatures with mechanisms of protection against penetration into their body of bacteria, viruses, and worms.

The human immune system is an amazing product of nature, able to cope with various diseases and infestations. But sometimes she is unable to resist the powerful and attack.

High fecundity, considerable life cycle, the ability to make maximum use of the resources of the host, – all this helps some worms to gain a foothold and start to multiply rapidly. To prevent this can only be timely and effective prevention.

To avoid being infected, a person need only to help your body cope with the threat of invasion. Especially that this requires not so much. First of all, to abide by simple rules, which are that:

  • thoroughly with soap and water to wash their hands after every return from the street, visiting the toilet and before eating.
  • often change bed linen and underwear, the first recommendation is to change once a week, the second – every day.
  • consume foods that are of good quality, thoroughly wash them before cooking, to cook, making sure that the heat treatment was sufficient.

Despite the simplicity of these rules, adherence to them can reduce the risk of infestation to a minimum. It is important not only to observe them, but to teach to the children so that they from early childhood, knew how to avoid infection.

Well, if the worst happened, and parasitosis has become a fact, then you need to seek help from modern medicine, that is medicine. But they should take moderately. Doctors do not recommend continuous taking pills, but by necessity. For example, if one family member discovered the worms, then preventive medication is shown and all the rest.

Another reason for prevention are painful manifestations, which can indirectly speak about the infection – loss of appetite, nausea or even vomiting.

It is recommended to take the pills and in some other cases, which increase the risk of disease. This:

  • close contact with Pets;
  • the trip as a tourist or to exotic countries;
  • the hobby of fishing or hunting;
  • a permanent stay in the team – at work, in a kindergarten, school, etc.

No harm will drug prevention and in that case, if You plan to be outdoors where it is difficult to avoid physical contact with the soil.

But to consult a doctor will not prevent. Visit the kindergartens the children are advised to take under medical supervision anti-parasitic medications not more than once every six months. Indirect evidence for the lack of invasion is a good appetite and normal weight gain.

The list of tools

The destruction of worms is with the help of synthetic drugs. The mechanism of their damaging effects may be different.

Some drugs block nerve impulses that transmit signals to the muscles of worms. This leads to them, with the result that they are ejected along with the faeces. So are piperazine, praziquantel and some other drugs.

Other anthelmintic tablets interfere with the absorption of glucose by worms, causing their death. This mechanism of action is mebendazole.

Regardless, based on what their therapeutic effect, all drugs are an effective means for the prevention of infestation. Reviews of their effectiveness – all this indicates that preventive measures – the most reliable way to protect themselves from infection.

The most commonly prescribed to adults and children of drugs include the following.

  • Albendazole. Effective and mixed. Albendazole is often prescribed as a preventive treatment to children since it has minimal toxicity to humans.
  • Mebendazole. is a broad spectrum of action. The dosage for prophylactic reception is selected individually depending on the clinical picture of the patient.
  • Praziquantel. Effective in the treatment of intestinal helminths. May only be taken by children as a preventive measure.
  • Effective in the treatment and prevention of ascariasis.
  • Universal remedy against various types of worms.
  • Effective against infestations may be accepted as adults, and children. the action is based on paralysis of the muscles of the parasites and further their withdrawal from the body naturally. Tablets are not recommended for use in combination with other drugs. Selection of the dosage is individual.

To prevent infestations in children were most commonly prescribed albendazole and mebendazole, which have a high efficiency against helminths and safe for children's organisms.

Deserves attention and which you can use how to treat a lesson, and to carry out their prevention. The mechanism of action of helminths is based on the paralysis of their muscles and the subsequent bringing out the adults and their larvae. The dosage selected for each patient individually.

The basic conditions for preventive medication:

  • the presence of Pets at home;
  • frequent contact (work) with the ground;
  • a regular finding in closed groups; this is particularly true of children who attend kindergartens and schools;
  • frequent travel abroad as tourists or seconded experts;
  • regular outings.

What medications in the preventive purposes it is better to take children? In their selection must take into account that in children the worms multiply faster than in the adult. So the delay in treatment and prevention is impossible.

Of course, to prescribe medication to children should only doctor. If he decides that the necessary prevention, medication that is effective and safe at the same time, he will call himself.

Experts recommend for children following anthelmintic means (in brackets are the equivalents):

  • albendazole;
  • Piperazine is the most safe.

Prevention of folk remedies

At a time when there was no synthetic drugs, people struggled with folk remedies, mostly herbs. Prevention unconventional means can be implemented today. Only we must not forget to first consult with your doctor. Some plants are harmful to the worms, they can be toxic to humans.

the action has a fern. It's best to use in the form of ether extract, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. You only need to know that the fern is harmful only tapeworms.

stages of preparation

One of the most famous folk remedies are pumpkin seeds. They need to eat in the morning on an empty stomach, then it is recommended to take a laxative for the withdrawal of the affected worms out.

Chopped garlic, added to baked milk also has the effect. Composition need to drink on an empty stomach in the morning and then take a laxative.

it is a universal healer, which has an antibacterial effect, good heals wounds, promotes tissue regeneration. The infusion made from the leaves and rhizomes , and a depressing effect on the worms. Prepare it thus. One tablespoon of chopped herbs and roots brewed with boiling water and hours insist. Drink the infusion before Breakfast and lunch.

Helps to cope with the infusion of pomegranate bark, adopted in the morning and a laxative.

On the preparation of the composition of milk and garlic, which is ingested, mentioned above. And if these two components add and boil everything in a sealed container, you get a useful infusion for enema. It is necessary only to cool and drain,

National recipes are successfully tested by many generations of people, much more than was listed. But instead of treatment is not to bring your body harm, you need to use them only after confirmation of the diagnosis and a consultation with a doctor.


There are many folk and medications for getting rid of worms and prevent them . But the first action of the person who is suspected of having worms should be treated.

And, of course, necessary to follow simple but effective rules of personal hygiene. Cleanliness is the main enemy of the worms, if you follow her at all, treatment and prevention may not be necessary.