10 signs of the presence of parasites in the body

To deal with the harmful microorganisms really are in different places – in the environment, through water, food, handshake, communication with animals. A person can be a carrier of the "intruder" and not know it, correctly explaining that appears unpleasant symptoms.

parasites in the human body

The following symptoms may indicate the development of other diseases, but, first and foremost, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of the presence of parasites.

1. Chronic itching.

Not necessarily a place that constantly reminds himself itching will be covered. Often the skin has a very healthy and itches from the inside. This is a dangerous symptom, it allows you to exclude the development of fungal infection or Allergy (since symptoms do not exist) and I suspect parasitica activity.

2. Intolerance to usual food.

If a person not prone to allergies, suddenly is a food intolerance to many foods is a reason to suspect an infestation. Because these microorganisms, once in the new environment, feel themselves masters of using the incoming food as fuel.

Eventually lose the ability to learn certain ingredients, digestive problems manifest increased aerogenesis, bloating.

3. Difficulty digesting fats.

The best source of supply for the parasites is a sugar, it contributes to their growth and reproduction. But the fats in food as it is strictly not suitable.

Many vegetable oils (e.g. coconut, which has Caprylic and lauric acid), have antimicrobial action and cause the death of the parasite. The inclusion in the diet slowly laevis fat helps cleanse the gastro-intestinal tract of their presence.

4. Bloating.

If eating a balanced diet and the absence of other stimuli such as has become the norm, most likely, the body is infected.

Parasites worsen the condition of the intestinal microflora, disturbing its balance and shifting it in favor of pathogens. This leads to indigestion, which manifests itself, including flatulence and bloating.

5. Fungal infections.

Often the infestation and fungal infection go hand in hand. Not getting enough food in the intestinal tract, parasites can take a different route of introduction into the body and the power source by switching on the nails or skin.

In the presence of fungal infections you must check the condition of the intestines – it is likely that the "good" bacteria on the brink of extinction, and destroyed the microflora flatulence activity.

6. Chronic inflammation of the.

Require priority attention inflammatory processes, which develop for a long time. Parasites can weaken the body gradually, for example, respiratory tract.

Their presence can produce a cough, a small temperature rise, continuous runny nose for weeks. For example, roundworms can cause the development of diseases such as asthma or pneumonia.

7. Frequently interrupted sleep.

Flatulence peak of activity occurs at night two-hour period (from 2:00 to 4:00). If in this time interval the sleep is suddenly interrupted, starting to feel an acute attack of hunger (and I want to eat something sweet), most likely, the condition triggered by the presence of parasites.

Those pinworms lay eggs at night. Migration of microorganisms to report severe itching, as a result, the person wakes up.

8. Anal itching.

With high probability this symptom indicates infected by helminths.

Itching occurs when multicellular organisms leave the body or go down to the anus to lay eggs. So often manifest themselves pinworms, cestodes, roundworms.

9. Sharply increased craving for sweets.

Parasites require power, and (as mentioned above), the sugar in their priority.If taste preferences have changed dramatically, the body is constantly in need of sweet, should be tested for the presence of helminthes.

10. Deterioration of mental abilities.

Being in the body for a long time, the parasites get to one of the main organs – the brain, inhibiting its function.

If in the normal mode of the day, nutrition, traditional way of life mental capacity deteriorated significantly, stimulate intellectual activity is possible only with the help of stimulants like caffeine - most likely, the reason is settled in the body of the parasite.

Without proper treatment the condition can worsen and cause loss of cognitive functions and the development of depression.

the symptoms of parasites in humans

Ways to get rid of parasites in the body

Having had these symptoms, you can try to cope with the problem, using tools that help to get rid of parasites:

  • Herbs, oils, seeds.Tarragon, oregano, mint, lemongrass, aloe, flax seeds, pumpkin, Chia, coconut oil, kimchi excrete many kinds of worms, while putting on the intestinal microflora disinfectant and ozdoravlivajushchy action.
  • Probiotics.

    Parasites literally eat away the intestines, destroying the normal microflora. The environment needs to recover. The purification of the body and its colonization of good bacteria help probiotic cultures: yogurt, pickles, miso soup, kefir, buttermilk.

  • The rejection of sugar and refined foods. The consumption of sugar does not allow to get rid of parasites. This also applies to any products which have been processed, including refined vegetable oils, bread and pasta from the refined grains, fast food, pasteurized dairy products, processed meat products. You must remove from the diet all sources of sweets, including healthy honey or dried fruit.

Diet should be based on fresh vegetables (without starch), lean protein and healthy fats (olive oil, pumpkin seeds, almonds).Fruit is allowed, but only with a low sugar content: green apples, sour berries (cranberries, cornelian cherry, sea buckthorn).

After completion of the detoxification process, you will gradually expand your menu wholegrain foods, "slow" carbohydrates.

The presence of parasites in the body requires immediate intervention, examination and adequate treatment. At the same time, it is useful to Supplement medical treatment available means, making changes to your diet.

We must remember that together with the use of antiparasitic funds body needs a sufficient quantity of water – liquid are needed to remove harmful bacteria and support water balance.

Be vigilant, detecting and removing parasites from the body at an early stage to avoid serious health problems!