Symptoms of worms in adults and children

Worms - worms that develop in humans and animals and cause serious diseases. Look like worms, need to know, any person who cares about health.

According to statistics, the world's one billion people are affected by worms. Parasites are dangerous because it can make holes in the blood vessels to overload the immune system.


There are many kinds of worms, but the greatest harm to human health can cause the following worms:

  • tape;
  • round;
  • the flukes.

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to define how to look like worms. Appearance of worms can cause disgust. The size of the worms varies from a few millimeters to several meters (in severe cases).

Worms smooth, shiny, and resemble earthworms.

Not only the external parasites can cause disgust. The damage is very significant: they absorb the leukocyte cells, causing a sharp decline in immunity. Some types of worms and their larvae ply the body, damaging the capillaries. They can be a cause of pancreatitis and liver abscess.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is enough to observe elementary rules of hygiene, and helminth infection can not be afraid. This is only partly true, as these measures help to reduce the risk of infection. To exclude it completely, you must live in complete sterility, which is impossible to achieve.


Roundworms called nematodes. There are more than 20 species of Ascaris, among which there are also parasitic and free-living. The name round worms was due to the shape, it can be seen on cross-section.

To the group of roundworms include the most common types of parasites - pinworms, ascarids, and t.. D.

Roundworms have elongated body with pointed ends. The length of the worm can reach 40 cm, while females are usually smaller than males. Often round worms are in the intestine and poison the human body by products of metabolism - toxins.

Worm parasite in the small and large intestine. It has a small size, not more than 1 cm Females lay eggs near the anus of the person, thereby causing itching. Worms often affect children, as the child's immune system has not had time enough to grow. Pinworms can be easily seen in the feces, usually they are groups, but not in a single number.

More dangerous type of helminthes - whipworm, which are parasitic in the caecum. It can be pale pink or white in color, size is usually small. The front end of the worm is very thin, but the body is gradually expanding. The worm has a mouth, esophagus, and anus.

The symptoms of flukes in the human body

Flukes in the medical literature also referred to as trematodes. This kind of worm is long and flat, shaped like a leaf or tongue. The size of trematodes up to 1.5 m. Intermediate host - clams, then fish. Therefore, the risk of occurrence of trematodes in the body especially great when eating raw fish or crayfish.

Hepatic parasite refers to a universal parasite. They can affect owners of cattle and Pets, and those who are no living creatures are not allowed (they can be transmitted through water).

The parasite has a flat body up to a width of 1.3 cm and a length of about 3 cm, Adults usually settle in the liver and bile ducts, causing a blockage. To the walls of the body of the worm is attached suction cups, which he located on his belly and head. Which is secretes bile has no effect, as the worm is protected by a cuticle - thick layered shell.

Like most representatives of this class, hepatic parasite classified as dangerous. Daily Ascaris lays million eggs, which pass into the intestine and excreted from the body. If within 2 days the larvae will not find a carrier, they die.


Tapeworms can infest any organ of the human body, including evstafievich pipes or special bag, sometimes attached with suction cups to the walls of the excretory duct. Depending on the species trematodes can have two or many cups.

In these worms is well developed reproductive, digestive and nervous system. Blood circulation and the respiratory system are virtually absent. The worm feeds on the epithelium, mucus or stomach contents or blood.

Helminths-trematodes from the host organism nothing suck. Nevertheless, the damage from their appearance significant.

Tape worms are divided into tapeworms and tapeworms. Intermediate host of helminths are fish or vertebrates, where the larvae develop. Mature individuals live in the intestines of vertebrates.

The body of the tapeworm consists of a head and segments. The head serves for the attachment of the worm to the intestinal wall, followed by the growth zone. Food for the parasite of this species is digested host food. The human body can not digest tapeworms, as they may produce a substance which greatly reduces the influence of gastric juice.

In the diagnosis of the disease is important to determine the species of parasite. Lantecy have a head with two suction cups. The eggs of the tapeworm outside the body, so they can be detected. A characteristic feature of tapeworms is the body, divided into segments, whose length can reach 18 m. the head of the worm there are 4 suction cups, which they fastened to the wall of the intestine. Tapeworm eggs can not be detected, as the worm does not have a uterus pin holes.


Since the length of these worms is much more human gut, Paros, the worm can cause rupture of the organ. This is a severe condition that requires urgent surgical treatment.

Among the diseases caused by worms, some very heavy, such as echinococcosis. This is the only disease where parasites enter the human body from the dogs. The location of the pathogen can be anything, but most commonly affected are the liver. A dog infected with the parasite, cure easy, just one vaccine. But in humans, hydatid disease is very difficult therapy.

Diagnostics of helminthiasis

Know how to look like worms in humans, is necessary in order to diagnose the disease and begin treatment. Helminthiasis - infestation of the parasite - easily identify yourself. Worms naked eye to see in Calais. While worms can be both dead and still alive. Sometimes you can see worms on the bedding or clothing. Often overlook the body of pinworms, it happens when massive defeat. To see how to look like worms in humans, e.g. live roundworm, harder: they come out of the body much less frequently. It's very unpleasant sight. Also during the inspection of the feces to see fragments of the worm.

Helminth eggs to see at home will not work. First, not all types of worms have a pin hole, and secondly, the eggs are very small in size. But with the use of laboratory equipment to see special work will not make.

Most often for the analysis of take the feces. To ensure that the results were accurate, it is recommended that the assay should be repeated daily for 3 days. This is because the worms appear in the stool not all the time. Their reproduction has a clear periodicity, therefore, it is likely that the analysis will be done at a time when the parasites do not multiply. In the laboratory confirm the presence in the feces is not difficult with the help of special equipment.

Currently, to diagnose helminths and other method - for analysis of blood. With it, identifies antibodies to the parasites. To take the test is recommended for patients who suffer from sudden allergies, dysbiosis and increased level of eosinophils. Such patients prescribed analysis for the presence of immunoglobulin E to various kinds of worms.

To determine the presence of whipworm in the body can be another way. If a normal feeling in humans reduced hemoglobin in the blood, is, most likely, testifies to the defeat of the parasite. The accuracy of the enzyme immunoassay approaching 95%.

Signs of infestation of worms

In addition to the appearance of a fragment or a worm, there are other alarming symptoms that can alert. One of the first manifestations - apathy, tiredness, constant fatigue.

In General, the symptoms of the worm are similar to the manifestations of beriberi. It is easy to explain: a person is forced to provide food for not only your body, but also a parasite. Accordingly, useful substances and energy starts to miss: some of them, the worm takes. For this reason, there are other characteristic signs: deteriorating hair, skin, breath becomes unpleasant.

With the defeat of some types of worms a person starts losing weight for no apparent reason.

Another characteristic symptom is itching in the anus, clearly indicates the ingestion of pinworm. An indirect sign of infection - digestive problems: there is flatulence, diarrhea, bloating. In addition, the parasites release harmful substances - products of metabolism. The immune system cannot cope with the elimination, so toxins are released through the skin. The result is a rash, itching or dermatitis.

A characteristic sign of infection with worms - grinding the teeth during sleep. Man begins to torment insomnia and neurosis. If the worm penetrates to the muscles of the patient will be troubled pain characteristic of arthritis.

The appearance of the first suspected helminthiasis in any case cannot be ignored. You need to pass the tests, the doctor could prescribe treatment. To eliminate the bot you can use drugs and traditional medicine.


To completely prevent the risk of infestation of worms it is impossible, because man cannot create a completely sterile environment. But the observance of certain measures will prevent mass infestation.

The main way in which parasites enter the body, is food. Therefore it is necessary to pay enough attention to the quality of the processing of the latter. This is especially true of meat and fish. They need to fry, boil or bake. Eating better in the designated areas. You should not ever eat raw eggs and even more to give to their children. No need to prevent the entry of harmful insects (flies, cockroaches) in residential areas and especially in the kitchen.

After work, contact with animals, walking, visiting public places, the toilet should wash their hands with soap and water.

Bathing is allowed to choose only places where it is not prohibited (such information provides sanitary service). But even in this case, it is not recommended to dive in, swallowing water. From dangerous ponds, for example, located near the cemetery or pasture, it is recommended to stay away.

The main condition is to constantly monitor your health and undergo regular inspection. Doctor's prescription you every six months to take preventive drugs.

Very carefully you need to approach the cleanliness of premises, especially in the nursery. Toys, clothes and various things need to be regularly subjected to heat treatment.